What is RAM and its uses in the device?

Posted by Johny Cruise on November 18th, 2018

In today’s time mostly every person is using a laptop or computer for their personal use and for professional work also. It has become a need of the hour for all sorts of professionals. It makes the work simply for the users by giving them the results in very less time that would have taken a large amount of time by the person to complete a specific work. It has made the user work simple and time-saving too. The computer is used by all age group of people and especially children use it generally to play games. To know more about the computer and its parts visit the service host and get all things about the computer. 

What is Random Access Memory? 

There are various parts in the computer such as hard disk, ROM and one important part is RAM. It is the type of data storage device that allows the processor to load the files fast in the random order. The RAM  is also known by the other name that is a main memory in the system. The computer works with the help of the operating system. The higher amount of RAM in the device the device will work that much faster. 

What are the uses of the Random Access Memory? 

The random access memory in the device is used for saving the data of the running applications so that that file is easily accessible and can be read and write in a much faster way than any other storage device that is present in the computer. 

One of the big disadvantages of this type of memory is that user loses the data as soon as they shut down the computer but in case of other storing device user does not lose the data. Sometimes having higher RAM also does not work for the users due to various process that is by default given by the operating system and one of the main issue of higher Ram consumption is due to Service host Superfetch process that consumes so much Ram. 

What is Service Host Superfetch? 

The service host superfetch is the by default process that comes with the operating system to fastly execute the commands given by the users but over the span of time it becomes the curse for our device as it starts to consume too much of primary memory and that leads to slow down of our computer and file opening starts to take time. To know more about this feature of operating system user can visit on Service host Superfetch High memory usage and also get the ways to resolve it.

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