Do you have proper SEO strategies for your business?

Posted by Thomas J Decker on November 18th, 2018

Actionable SEO strategies are techniques that are going to help your website to rank higher and in turn your business in the long run. These strategies not only tell you how to improve search engine ranking but also ensure that you are not penalized by any of the search engine updates. It has been confirmed by industry experts that these modifications in their algorithms are done almost every day and most often they are not announced publicly.

These strategies are therefore developed by sharpest brains involved in the job of digital marketing and are almost always customised depending on your business. A website selling consumer electronics and one into food business cannot have off-the-rack SEO strategies, isn’t it? For example, if someone told you that guest posting should be the strategy to bring your website on the first page of Google you should not take him or her seriously. Guest posting is just a tactic and not a strategy, per se. It is not a plan but an action. A strategy should be something that will help you to achieve a measurable or attainable result.

First of all, your SEO strategies should be developed taking into account inputs from all stakeholders: your agency, consultant, developers, business managers, copywriters, etc. The bottom line should be to find opportunity that works with your company's business goal and not against it. The agency you appoint for improving the website’s page rank should not undermine the wisdom of traditional marketing techniques and translate them to the digital domains. They should have relevant details about your industry and your customer or client types. It should have demographic and psychographic details of your buyers and their entry point.

Analysis of the competition is another important action to develop the strategy for SEO. This should be compared with your website’s current search visibility. The digital marketing agency will accordingly chalk out a plan, more preferably a visual one, so that you understand the basics of it and give your approval. Understand the client and match their expectations with your company’s goal. The strategy should be also backed by your company’s core value and its leadership style.

It is always advisable to take a systematic approach and take help of an expert on how to improve search engine ranking. Instead of a big but ill-prepared strategy it is better to have small and well-focussed strategy simply by breaking down the task to small chunks. If you go wrong in your keyword research then can you ever think of reaching your target audience, even if you reach the first page of the search engine does it add any value to your business? Probably not.

Remember, SEO strategies without their proper implementation defeat the entire process and slows down your progress rate. Similarly, SEO tactics without a proper strategy can never ensure success in the long run. When you have a dependable digital marketing agency working for you, you need not worry about finding the ways on how to improve search engine ranking.

SEO strategies should be customised as per your business type. If you want to know how to improve search engine ranking you should have a proper strategy in place.

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