Ethical SEO services and their advantages

Posted by Thomas J Decker on November 18th, 2018

Search engine optimization or SEO services is adopted by almost all businesses that have online presence. The process is continuous and should be done following the norms set by the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. These search engines rank the websites depending on their usability to the end users and many other factors but ethical SEO service is the key to long term results.

Before we talk about ethical SEO we must understand what are considered by unethical means in SEO. Every search engine has its algorithm to identify such Black Hat SEO techniques. Once identified the websites adopting such methods are penalised. They lose their page rank and once it happens, it become extremely difficult to earn back the position.

For example, using unrelated keywords in the content of the webpage or keyword stacking and stuffing are techniques that spoil the user experience to a great extent and it should be avoided at the first place. Using hidden text or hidden links is another technique that is considered to be unethical. It is the practice in which text is placed in tiny fonts matching the background or in a very light colour. At times website owners present a set of content to the search engines and the visitors with a different set of content. This is known as cloaking. Doorway or gateway pages are those that have very little relevant content but full of keywords. If you find your digital marketing agency adopting these methods you should restrict them from doing that. Using duplicate or plagiarized content by lifting content from a different site is also a bad move if you wish to rank your page high on search engines.

So, these are the few techniques that should be avoided and only ethical means are to be used for the success of SEO. On-site and off-site SEO techniques are applied by reputed digital marketing agencies and that give long-term results to the businesses. You will always find such agencies to start the process with website audits that tell them what is to be corrected in order to achieve good ranking. They perform comprehensive keyword research only after going through the details of your business type and customer base. The content strategy is developed carefully on the basis of their research so that the content is valuable for your prospective clients. They also research on your competitors if they are ranked higher than you so that an appropriate strategy can be developed.

Complete SEO services can provide you end to end solution that increases traffic to your site significantly and hence, increasing the scope of conversion by many times. A good agency will never conduct generic research and will always customise your SEO service looking at your business, industry and its complexity. They integrate social media marketing to your website’s SEO strategies so that you receive the maximum exposure to your clients. They are flexible to change their strategy based on the analyses and tracking reports. They will also provide you report in specific format in certain periodicity giving the details like page rank, traffic, revenue, conversion etc.

Popularity of SEO services has increased over last few years but you must know that customised SEO service is the most effective for your business.

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