The Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Pakistan

Posted by rohny01 on November 19th, 2018

You can get the best treatment for the hair loss for the follicular unit extraction in Lahore. The method involves the extraction or removal of the individual follicle from the area of the donor and implantation on to the area of the recipient. After the process of follicular unit extraction procedure, there is no requirement for the linear scar and stitches. A frequently searched or asked question nowadays is where to get the best body hair transplant in Pakistan. People come from every country to get the best hair restoration in Pakistan. In Pakistan, body hair transplant is the most common surgery performed by Doctor Ahmad who has 18 years of experience.  As the medical services are cheap in Pakistan, but they are the best, Pakistan contains a massive inrush of people from all over the world. It is because the taxes are considerably less and no insurance schemes are present. All the medical services are cheap as well as excellent in Pakistan. The reason behind the services is that the doctors and surgeons are professional for their skills and they are involved with multiple cases which in turn increase their experience. All the people in the world contain a diversity of anatomical characteristics needs a lot of care. It is the reason why the doctors attain much experience by working on multiple patients. The skills and knowledge make the surgeons more renowned, and it involves a considerable number of people to travel from every corner of the world to Pakistan for body hair transplant. There are present all the latest and unique techniques that are quite affordable for follicular hair extraction. Hair restoration in Pakistan consists of two general methods: the follicular extraction method and the strip method. The FUE method is expensive as compared to the strip method as the former way needs professional skills and extra attention of the doctor or surgeon. It should be your utmost priority to get the best body hair transplant from the qualified and experienced surgeon as you have the right to get the treatment for your baldness. The strip harvest method includes a cost between 45,000 rupees and 100,000 rupees and the follicular extraction method consists of a price between 150,000 rupees and 350,000 rupees. It does not involve a long time to take rest after the surgery, but the doctors suggest you travel after some days of your treatment. The most renowned procedures present at our clinic are: 

  •          Body Hair Transplant
  •          Follicular Unit Transplant
  •          Follicular Unit Extraction
  •          Laser Therapy
  •          Hair Regrowth Injections
  •          PRP Treatment
  •          FUE Hair Transplant.

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