5 excellent and effective tips for using the flapper fancy dress costume

Posted by Costumes Au on November 19th, 2018

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Only a couple of costumes feature as much style, sassy character, and fun as the flapper costume which was quite famous during the 1920s. It was truly extravagant in every manner that actual queens of the then party world once happened to be about ninety years ago, and you can also actually enjoy yourself dressed like one among these party ladies.

The attire became truly famous during the 20s as a fresh breed of young women that were truly that era’s rebellious party girls. They wore short bobbed hair, listened to jazz music, wore short skirts, and actually drank and smoked. Their general attitude was one of contempt for traditional behaviour which society expected of them, and they were also frequently viewed as the female counterparts of the era’s gangsters. They utilized their lifestyles to rebel – drinking, driving, smoking, as well as engaging in casual sex. Flappers are typical symbols of fun and should you desire to be one for the night, this article brings you 5 rules you must follow with your costume.

1. Bobbed, short hair: Wearing bobbed, short hair is among the foremost rules for flappers – a truly bold statement of being rebellious during that era. Therefore, you should get a flapper style wig or your curls up into a bob both options of which will do just fine.

2. A lot of feathers: When you begin asking yourself “where can I get quality flapper costumes near me”, understand that with real flappers, it’s first and foremost about lots of feathers. Put one into your headpiece, and you should also get yourself a feather scarf. In short, you should stick feathers right, left, and center – the more you use, the better.

3. Cigarette holder: The real flapper’s iconic image always features a cigarette and its holder, that’s held casually over the shoulder of the lady. Get one anyway even if you do not smoke. This is as you will most certainly desire that the image be complete at the barest minimum.

4. Scarves: The truly beautiful, huge, flapper scarf – made with feathers preferably, and of a similar colour to your dress. You will certainly have so much fun when you have one draped around your neck.

5. Hand-on-hip posing: The actual flapper style is way beyond just the clothes. It is all about your attitude. Therefore, you should slink with your hand on your hip – a few hours’ practice before your mirror should see you getting it just right. Do not forget that you do not give any damn about the world and the rules it sets. All you desire to do is, party!

You could even produce excellent flapper outfits at home, with little to no troubles, if you own the colourful cloth and some huge jewellery you can include. The feather you will need to include to complete the flapper costume might have to be borrowed or rented, and it is actually rare to see individuals having cigarette holders just lying around. But it’s possible to get all that you need from any of the foremost excellent costume stores – offline or online. You can certainly be among the flapper chicks of the 20s!

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