Outdoor seating can be an excellent choice for your restaurant business. Having

Posted by Bill Chipman on November 19th, 2018

Outdoor seating can be an excellent choice for your restaurant business. Having quality outdoor restaurant tables and chairs you will certainly be able to grab more customers than you used to before. But the question here is what materials your outdoor restaurant furniture should be constructed.

Well, aluminum is now trending especially in the furniture business. The uses of aluminum furniture in outdoor restaurants are quite widespread these days, and here are the reasons why:

Strength & Longevity:

The most common thing that makes aluminum the go-to materials for outdoor restaurant furniture is its strength and longevity. Whether your restaurant locates in an area where the summers are harsh or in a locality with soaking wet tropical climate, aluminum is the best material to select. Not like wooden furnishing, water has absolutely no impact on aluminum.

Light in weight:

The most unique aspect of aluminum is that it’s pretty light in weight compared to what it provides in terms of strength & sturdiness. Because of these qualities, aluminum was employed in motorsports & aerospace engineering before being used in furniture.

Everybody rearranges outdoor furniture several times a year, whether for cleaning purposes, seating preparations or even merely for general ambiance. This is why outdoor restaurant chairs and tables must be light in weight in order to be easily moveable.  Furniture made of aluminum is easy to move & can provide you the luxury to redesign whenever the need arise.


Though metal furniture has been there for many years in the market, aluminum furniture has got loads of acknowledgment in the past years for one main reason – it’s rust-free.

The reason behind why aluminums are not prone to corrosion is they bind themselves to airborne oxygen & develops thin coat of Oxide. This makes it totally rust-proof. Most importantly this makes your outdoor restaurant furniture safe when exposed to harsh weather condition outdoor. With some little wiping every now & then, your furniture remains self sufficient for many years to come.

Endless Variety:

Aluminum has turned to be one of the most flexible furniture frame materials ever. Twisting, bending and welding aluminum is a lot easier when compared to other materials. Combine that with the numerous colors you can coat it with and you discover yourself with infinite possibilities.

Powder Coating:

Powder coating is the most favored way to paint aluminum as it binds better in comparison to regular paints. Of late, majority of the outdoor furniture makers powder coat aluminum electro-statically. This is when they charge the paint/spray gun with a charge opposing what they charged the piece of furnishing with. The contrasting charges make the color to stick to the aluminum evenly & with very negligible waste or residue. The piece is then heated to make the paint to develop a type of coat that’s very rarely affected by bumps and scratches.

In conclusion, aluminum is the best material for outdoor restaurant furniture as it is not just flexible but also durable, light in weight and affordable. Last but not least, aluminum furniture can transform the simple look of your outdoor restaurant area into a sophisticated dining space.

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This article is written by Missouri Table & Chair – a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial furniture including outdoor restaurant chairs dining tables, bases, and seating.

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