Multigrain Atta: The Solution to Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Other Health Problem

Posted by swapnil jukunte on November 19th, 2018

Consumers today are more brand conscious than ever. Whether they are buying shoes or furniture or paint for their house, they like to compare the various brands – their benefits and shortcomings. The same applies in case of food products. Branded refined oil costs more than the ordinary ones because they guarantee higher nutritional value.

When people are acting likewise, responsible consumers, they should also do the same while buying atta or flour, something that is an essential part of everyday meals.

Is multigrain atta better than whole grain atta?

When it comes to purchasing atta, people are often confused about whether they should go for whole grain atta or multiple grain atta. While the former comes with all the nourishment that the particular grain is capable of providing, the latter tend to combine the goodness of multiple grains.

Therefore, going by simple logic, one should prefer multiple grains over the single grain. Yet, there are certain contradictions. Multigrain atta is only better than wholegrain one when it is unprocessed or unrefined and retains the bran, germ, and endosperm. That is if a multigrain grain atta combines a number of unprocessed whole grains, only then can it surpass the quality of a single grain atta.

In this regard, it is also important to note what the grains that are being included are. If a multigrain atta consists, whole wheat, maize, soya, chana, methi, barley, and flaxseed, it can be considered to be best multigrain atta. The more the number of whole grains, the better it is. Before buying multigrain atta, it is very important to check out its composition.

Things you can make from multigrain atta

Multigrain atta is quite versatile and can be used for several recipes. Rotis are probably the most common food item that is made out of atta, but apart from that, multigrain atta can also be used to make:

  • Dosas
  • Litti
  • Bread
  • Croissants
  • Samosa
  • Pizza Bread and others.

Is multigrain atta gluten free?

It really depends on the composition of the multigrain atta. Since it can combine two to twelve different ingredients, it is hard to pass a general remark. However, multigrain atta made from maize, corn, soya, barley are usually gluten-free and can be consumed by people who are otherwise gluten intolerant. If someone is specifically looking for gluten-free multigrain atta, they can search for brands that sell the same. In fact, people can also buy gluten-free multigrain atta online if they wish to!

Multigrain atta: the perfect solution to diabetes

While whole grain atta is rich in goodness, they are absolutely unsuitable for patients with diabetes. Multigrain atta, on the other hand, is a better alternative and is, in fact, great for diabetic patients, helping to keep their sugar level in control.

Not only does multigrain atta help with diabetes, but it is also good for patients with cholesterol.

Its high fibre content helps with faster metabolism, curing the problems of constipation. The fibre content also enables a person to rapidly lose weight and meet their fitness goals.

So, with a plethora of health benefits, now do you see why it’s essential to pick multigrain atta online?

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