The Significance of Electric Sauna Heaters

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In Finland, there are more saunas than cars. Although sauna is an important expenditure, once built it can add a great value to your home, needs very little upkeep and offer a great deal of health benefits.

While designing your sauna, it’s necessary to consider important aspects. From sizing of your sauna, to the benching layout, and to choosing the right wood species, they are very relevant. One of the most important decisions you have to make is the type of sauna heater to install. A sauna heater may seem like an engine of a car.

Likewise everything, saunas have evolved over the centuries. Most notably, sauna heaters are used to heat the modern day sauna. Currently, there are three different types of sauna heaters available on the market. They are wood fired sauna heaters, gas sauna heaters and electric sauna heaters. However, the type of heater you choose for your sauna depends on your background, budget, and personal preferences and where your sauna will be placed.

Electric sauna heaters make up the bulk of the sauna heaters available today. The ultimate convenience of flipping a switch and waiting only 20-30 minutes to enjoy your sauna session is the main reason. Many sauna heaters are connected to programmable controls that allow the user to set the timing beforehand that they want the sauna heater to come on, even eliminating the short wait time for the sauna to heat up. In the age of home automation, all you need to do is to turn on the unit from your smart phone while leaving for work to arrive home to enjoy a hot and fully ready sauna session.

Understanding electric sauna heaters

Electric heaters in the sauna industry are the relative newcomer. Brought on for the widespread availability of electricity, they have become the top choice among the sauna enthusiasts. With the ease of use and cleanliness, this type of sauna heater is considered as an obvious choice in the most residential and commercial environments.

Fast forward to today where electric sauna heaters stand out from all of the other type of sauna heaters available on the market. While the current electric sauna heaters are quite similar to their predecessors, they provide a number of refinements over the original ones.

The main features include compact designs, lighted controls, built-in heater fences, digital controls and much more. There is even a heat storage sauna heater that remains ready to go instantly with the opening of its lid. They cost more up-front; but relatively affordable to operate. These heaters are ideal for those who use sauna three or more times week. They vary in price – which depends on the heater and control options you want. While deciding which type of heater to choose, it’s better to consider how frequently you will use your sauna.

Another consideration you need to make is the right rock capacity. Many sauna enthusiasts feel that sauna heaters with larger rock capacities produce softer heat and better steam. However, sauna heaters with large rock capacities are designed for the rocks to be kept within the heating elements. Other sauna heaters with smaller rock capacities will seem like a fry pan design – where the stones are kept above the heat elements and are heated in an indirect way.

Final thought –

Do a right purchase of electric sauna heater for your sauna at home. No matter what, you’ll have a durable, better designed electric sauna heater to make the most out of sauna experiences.

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