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Posted by Build Alpha on November 19th, 2018

In the stock market a method which is used to transfer the stocks between buyer and seller known as trade.

Trading Strategy

It is a plan or activity which is used to achieve profits in return in both the market (long time investment, market, or short time investment market).  The trading strategy is based on two types of analysis that is

• Fundamental analysis
• Technical analysis

Basically, there are two ways to implement a trading strategy in both long and short duration market.

• Discretionary Trading: needs skill and discipline
• Automated Trading: is a computer-assisted trading

The term automated trading is defined as the use of advanced mathematical tools to make important transactional decisions in the financial market.  To make trades automated trading system relies mostly on computer models.

In order to reduce the market impact, it splits a large trade into multiple orders.  Automated trading strategies are generally used by large institutional investors.  Automated trading systems have several advantages to an investor:

• It involves minimum human intervention
• Offers a higher level of accuracy.
• It is prompt
• Highlight high probability opportunities

If you are looking to get into investing or to get the best possible experience you will have to try and find a way to be successful through or by considering the best use of strategy.  There are huge rainbows of different types of trading strategies out there these days, but you will need to research each of them before you decide on which to try.

One of the secrets to finding success in trading is using a trading strategy that works very well with you and sticking to that strategy.  Searching for that strategy can be difficult at first but once you come in contact with BuildAlpha software the daunting task is not as difficult as for you before.

BuildAlpha software is developed by Dave Bergstrom who spent years in researching, building, testing and implementing market making, and trading strategies software for high-frequency trading firms which will help them in bringing best or ultimate result.

How to Develop a Trading Strategy?

Basic factors must be considered in order to build a trading strategy which will be illustrated below:

• Determine the time frame
• Determine the analytical methods which will be used during trading or must be planned carefully
• Money management planning must be considered
• Finally, the entry and exit points must be determined according to the analysis used in trading

From the above discussion, we can conclude that BuildAlpha software with its unique features makes it easy for professional traders, money managers, and institutional investors to Build Trading Strategies with no programming required.

For any questions, comments or concerns regarding BuildAlpha software please, call us at 561-203-9143 or visit our website HERE;

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