'Waitress' a Sweet & Bitter Mix of Impeccable Story

Posted by John Elia on November 19th, 2018

The Tony and Grammy Award nominee for the Best Musical "Waitress" ventures in at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium running till 2nd of December 2018.

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This beautiful film adaptation of the same name, written by Adrienne Shelly is a blend of all the problems a woman sometimes have to face in a typical American Society. The show exhibits the importance of women rights and her right to pave the way to better social standing and future.

Although the musical follows a social issue it is not all that serious with few pinches of comedy and romance the musical is as flawless as a perfectly cooked recipe with all the ingredients in proportion.

“Waitress” is the story of three waitresses Jenna (Joanna Ampil), Becky (Bituin Escalante) and Dawn (Maronne Cruz) working at Joe’s Pie Diner. The musical progress as three of them fighting the demons of their life journey in hopes of a better & brighter future.

Jenna is merely an ill-treated housewife who finds her solace in baking. She mixes up random ingredients she finds appropriate and they somehow end up great in taste. Aside from selling her pies in the diner she also works there as a waitress. As soon as she non to happy about the news finds out that she is pregnant, an upcoming baking competition becomes her only escape from this threatening life. Along the way, she meets her gynecologist Dr. Pomatter (Jason Mraz) and falls in love without any intentions to do so.

Becky is the rough-edged, bittersweet women and Dawn is all nerdy newly love-sick girl together, these three women venture on with life supporting one another.  

The actors in the cast are very talented and were successful in showcasing the true essence of their characters.

Ampil after working in an award-winning movie “Ang Larawan” took on the role of Jenna very enthusiastically, she confidently put up with Bareilles’s tricky songs like “What Baking Can Do”. She practically stunned the audience with her performance in “She Used to Be Mine”

Meanwhile, Escalante allowed the audience to see Becky’s feisty character along with the sadness in her eyes more demonstratively. Her work in “I Didn’t Plan It” beautifully depicts the painful emotions that flow within her. Also, Cruz expertly depicted Dawn as the insecure introvert that she is.

Even the rough and rowdy character played by George Schulz as Earl isn’t all bad. George has somehow managed to deliver enough edginess to the show without totally running by making it an abusive drama.

The musical may have a darker aspect to it but Director Bobby Garcia balanced everything nicely with a blend of humor and pain. Although Sara Bareilles’ touching songs never let you off the hook without feeling any compassion for the characters. Particularly, the song “A Soft Place to Land” which portrays the life of the three waitresses and their wish for a better life.

The duet between Dr. Pomatter and Jenna “You Matter to Me” painfully tugs at the hearts of the audience. Then there is the heart-rending solo from Jenna reflecting on her life “She Used to be Mine.”

David Gallo, the set designer also has done a marvelous job in setting up a diner so realistically as possible. He skillfully managed to produce a revolving stage that transfers the character from one setting to another exceptionally.

Overall the musical is a masterpiece raising awareness on a feministic issue but in a bland way not to totally ruin the interest of its audience.

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