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Posted by John Smith on November 19th, 2018

If you have already bought large dog collars and if you have noticed that the collar you bought for your dog does not like or does not favor your training, you have come to the right place.
At, we explain one by one the types of collars for dogs.
Standard collar:
The standard collar is one that only grabs the dog's neck and, in general, is made of leather or nylon. Although leather is more elegant and sophisticated than nylon. Also, they are suitable for the washing machine so they are much more comfortable than leather.
This type of collar is found with buckle closure or hard plastic hook. It is much faster and comfortable to buckle and self-adjusting so that it is fully adapted to the dog's neck.
This type of large leather dog collars is ideal for puppies that are prepared to make their first walks or dogs very well trained.
Semi-hitch collar:
The semi-horn collars are those that close a little when the dog pulls on the leash thus generating a negative stimulus in the dog. This type of necklaces should not exceed a diameter smaller than the neck of our dog, so you should not go beyond the limit of damaging or cause problems in your trachea.
Hanging Collar:
Hanging collars are usually composed of a metal chain and a ring at each end. When passing one of the ends by the opposite ring, you form a loop with the necklace that you will have to pass through the head of the dog. As they are created, when the dog pulls the strap the collar exerts a pressure on his neck at the same level as the pull.
Barbed collar:
The barbed necklaces are usually made of metal but you can also find them in plastic. They consist of a chain that surrounds the neck and barbs distributed throughout the interior perimeter, pointing towards the skin of the animal. In this way, when pulling the can of the belt, the barbs press his neck, even reaching serious wounds in him.
Harness - The most popular:
The harness is the type of necklace most favorite of owners and veterinarians. It does not harm the animal and offers a variety of collars, each designed to cover a specific function. You can find them made of both nylon and leather, being the first most comfortable and easy to clean. All the harnesses are self-adjusting and, in general, they are composed of wide ribbons to favor the comfort of the dog.

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