Quality-Made Smokers from Texas BBQ

Posted by kamal on November 19th, 2018

The success of any manufacturing company is wholly dependent on their ability to produce quality goods, more so, smoker manufacturing companies. With this in mind, Texas Original has been doing this since the beginning of their operations. That is why it is the most successful smoker manufacturing company in Texas. Quality is their language and they try to meet this at whatever cost.

The Difference in their Smokers

Smokers like Yoder smokers require manufactures that are able to combine their experience and passion to develop something that is different.

What gives Texas Original an edge over other producers is that they have a vast experience from the gas and oil industry. They are, therefore, able to develop repeatable and predictable smokers with the materials that are of high quality and design. Their construction method produces smokers that are highly efficient in their function.

The competition to provide longhorn smokers is stiff. This is because they have the best smoke control ability, multiple dampers and a temperature gauge. In addition, it features a convenient door that you can easily remove the leftovers for an easy and quick clean-up. Texas is still soaring high in manufacturing the best longhorn smokers. The company insists on the actual quality of the product. This is unlike other manufacturers that only dwell on the ability to do extensive marketing with perception quality.

Qualified Craftsmen

It is a fact that the company has been successful. However, all the thanks go to their team of experienced and qualified workers. They are always working round the clock to ensure that the company’s name remain at the top.

The folks love cooking and building fires. The passion that drives the craftsmen is, therefore, what enables the company to constantly produce perfect, well performing and straight smokers. This is unlike the backyard enthusiasts.

The construction materials and methods are the backbone of quality smokers. These include strapping on pit doors, plates measuring 1/4’’ and steel pipes measuring 3/16’’.  Others include solid round bars that are used on the hinges and doors. The craftsmen also use a 21 point quality inspection. For the smoker legs, they use 2.5 round tubes as legs that are able to hold the body firmly.


There are many manufacturers that produce the various kinds of smokers including the Life time smokers. However, not all of them produce smokers of the same quality. Texas Original outplays all of them. If you think I’m telling a lie, you can ask any of their regular customers to confirm.

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