An Ultimate Guideline to Texas Original Bar-BQ Smokers

Posted by kamal on November 19th, 2018

The company was started by Anthony Saragusa with two main reasons. Number one; manufacturing the best smokers that are efficient and you can depend on. Secondly, to manufacture smokers that will show their prowess and make themselves a name in the industry. In the recent years their smokers have become popular as they receive order from as far as Europe.

The Main Types of Smokers

The company is widely known for manufacturing three kinds of smokers; Old country smokers, Lang BBQ smokers and horizon smokers. One characteristic that is evident in all of them is that they are long lasting. There are many manufacturers that produce the smokers. You cannot compare them with what Texas Original manufactures.

There are many ‘’junk’’ smokers that are imported in Texas. The smokers are only lasting for two years and they are done. The funny thing is that the smokers are ‘’cheap’’ which many of the consumers think that they are affordable. However, if you want to purchase a ‘’real’’ smoker that will take you to more than two decades; go for the smokers that are from Texas Original Bar-BQ.

The affordable horizon smokers built in the company exhibits real quality. They are not only meant to serve you well but to complete any smoking need perfectly. The doors and vents of the smokers are precision tight and will never burn out during their service.


The first thing you ought to keep in mind is that the smokers are built for lifetime satisfaction. In addition, the company gives a warranty for the lifetime of the smokers. Nevertheless, the materials, designs are craftsmanship is wholly dependent on the American heritage. In case there is an issue with the smoker, you just need to call the company and they’ll be there to work on it.

The original Texas smokers are built in a thickness of between 1/4‘’ and 3/16’’ plates. The plates are strong enough to withstand the strongest heat. The Lang BBQ smokers are one of the classic smokers. This is because it can fit any type of smoker, form the beginner smoker to the pitmaster. It also exhibits more feature and space. It takes a space of 1200 square inches with damper draft control.

In conclusion

There is a deep history of all the types of smokers. Some historians say that some smokers were invented in two parts; the ingenuity and practicality part. However, one thing is always evident with smokers from Texas Original company, the different types can suit you desired taste regardless of its history. You can make a move and purchase a smoker from one of the best dealers in Texas.

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