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Stainless steel wire

Posted by Siddhagiri on November 19th, 2018

Our company is a large manufacturer of stainless steel wires which are used for huge applications in many industries. We stock all varieties of stainless steel wires and exports premium quality of stainless steel wires to different countries. These stainless steel wires are largely used in automotive, aerospace and aeronautic industries. Stainless steel wire offers high corrosion resistance, high strength and toughness and due to this most of the industries prefer stainless steels wires. We are the suppliers of premium quality of stainless steel wires to various countries and we also accept customization according to the demand of clients .Our company have all the modern amenities for manufacturing the high quality of stainless steel wires and we are highly expertise on various grades of stainless steel wires and maintain all quality matters stringently. We are one of the oldest company to distribute the high quality of stainless steel wires and exporter of various grade of stainless steel wires and Stainless Spring Steel Sheet suppliers to different countries. We are Stainless Steel Fasteners manufacturers in India.

Types of stainless steel wire:

  • Stainless steel spring wire-suitable for mainly spring making
  • Stainless steel forming wire-Used for many applications for its ductility
  • Stainless steel cold heading wire-It is processed to combine formability and ductility.
  • Stainless steel profiled wire
  • Stainless steel tying wire
  • Stainless steel ultra fine wire
  • Stainless steel TIG wire
  • Stainless steel MIG wire

Important information of stainless steel wire:

Grades of stainless steel wire:

304,304L, 316, 321, 301, 310S, 434, 441, 304 Cu


Size approximately varies from 0.1 mm to 8.00mm diameter.

Tensile strength:

Stainless steel wire is having a tensile strengths of around 500-600N/mm2.Higher tensile strength is also available that is 1600N/mm2.

Diameter Tolerance:

The diameter tolerance of stainless steel wire ranges from +/-0.0003 to +/-0.030 for the diameters ranging from 0.10-0.11mm to 2.81 -5.5mm

Standard width of stainless steel wire mesh: 1-1.6m

Standard length of stainless steel wire mesh: 50’ or 100’

Wire material of stainless steel wire cloth Dutch woven: 304, 316 or 316L

Reasons for choosing stainless steel wire:

  • It is resistant to high and low temperature
  • Ease  of fabrication
  • Having high strength
  • Long life cycle
  • Easy to clean
  • Recyclable
  • It is having low magnetic permeability.


  • Stainless steel lock wire-Mainly used in automotive, aerospace and aeronautic industries.
  • Stainless steel wire for crafts & hardware-suitable for using in jeweler, sculptures, welding, screw, musical instruments and others.
  • Stainless steel wire for medical applications-Used in orthodontics, microbiology etc.
  • Used in agricultural industry such as arboriculture, landscaping, viticulture and beekeeping


It has been observed that price always varies from country to country depending upon the quality of stainless steel. In India price of stainless steel wire approximately ranges from Rs120/kilogram to Rs 300/kilogram .This price range is based on the best offers in the market.

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