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Bhutan Festivals Are the Best Way to Experience Its Culture Firsthand

Posted by authenticbhutantours on November 20th, 2018

Festivals are the most important part of Bhutanese culture as they provide the viewers a unique cultural insight into this stunning Himalayan Kingdom. There is lots of masked dancing & bright costumes involved in most of the Bhutan festivals that bring the viewers wonderful photo taking opportunities. Here are some of the smaller festivals in Bhutan that are always drawing visitors’ attentions.

Jakar Dzong Festival in Bhutan:

This thrilling 3 days event is quite popular among both the locals and tourists. This is a considerably new carnival started by the Monastic Body of Jakar. Held in Jakar Dzong this festival attracts visitors because of its unique celebratory masked dance & folk songs.

The entire district of Jakar stays closed for 3 days to see the annual Bumthang Jakar Tshechu Festival. It is more like a New Year celebration for the locals residing here. Nonetheless, the Jakar Dzong Festival in Bhutan is the best festival to interact with the locals and experience their culture and food.

Jambya Lakhang Drup:

This is yet another popular festival in Bhutan that’s held for more than 4 days at one of the most ancient shrines of Bhutan, constructed in the seventh century. The event honors Guru Rinpoche (the person held accountable for spreading Tibetan Buddhism) and also the beginning of the shrine itself.

This event is renowned for the holy naked dance done in the temple’s courtyard at midnight – though it’s not allowed for tourists to see. Also a fire dance is held in the evening time to bless childless ladies, hoping that this’ll aid them to have kids.

Paro Tsechu:

This event is one of the most renowned events in the Bhutanese festival calendar, and also being one of the most well attended by both local and tourists.

The event is held for more than 4 days, with the 1st day starting in the patio of the Dzong & the final day concluding with the uncovering of the holy Thanka (silk painting).

This is uncovered before sunrise to make sure that it’s not injured by the sunlight. It’s known to be a blessing if you can witness the holy Thanka. Masked dances & songs takes place throughout the festival which creates an absolute lively atmosphere for both the tourists and locals. 

Thimpu Drubchen:

This annual festival is well-known for the masked dance performed here to soothe & safeguard one of the crucial divine beings of Bhutan, Pelden Lhamo. This festival usually light up the ambiance of this otherwise hushed capital.

Talo Tsechu:

This festival is held in a rural area in the hills above Punakha at a height of 2,800m. You’ll relish beautiful sights over the hills and also experience the delight of watching a local festival.


Bhutan’s festivals are blissful expressions of its Buddhist culture. They offers tourists a chance to become immersed in the meaning of their religion, and also experiencing an occasions for seeing people & being seen. Last but not least, always plan your trip with a reputed tour operator to make the most of your Bhutan festival tour. 

Author bio:

This article is written by Authentic Bhutan Tours – a leading tour operator that specializes in Bhutan festival tours.

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