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Why Bhutan Textile Tours can give you One of the besttrips in aLifetime!

Posted by authenticbhutantours on November 20th, 2018

Our Bhutan Textile Tours offer you to get the amazing and complex craftsmanship of Bhutan's weaving technology and handicrafts;It also gives a good idea about the textile craft of Bhutan and the remarkable time taken to produce them. Tour Operators in Bhutan help you to displays features about the textile craft of Bhutan and wonderful pieces of handmade textiles and traditional costumes.


Watch the Skill of Women-

Bhutan has thefinest textile with its intricate patterns, designs, skills that are unmatchable anywhere in the world. It is a great dominating traditional artby women in Bhutan and they make afascinatingtraditional dress (KIRA) for women and (GHO) for men.  They are the owners and innovators of this artistic skill, nurtured and developed from generation to generation.Due to the emerging trend of fashion industry, they add some extra touch to their Skills


Weaving culture-

Bhutan Textile Tours will take you across the country to witness the best of textile culture in Bhutan. By utilizing the simple backstrap loom, the Bhutanese people have crafted one of the most advanced and sophisticated weaving cultures.Tour Operators in Bhutan provides anopportunity to explore and experience various kind of textile weaving, dying, and utilizing the simple backstraploom to craft one of the most advanced and sophisticated weaving cultures.

National Textile Museum-

No textile tour is thestart or complete without experiencing a visit to Bhutan Textile Museum and handicraft emporium.  The Textile Museum introduces the unique weaving techniques, styles of local dress and type of textiles made by women and men.  It displays conservation center, where you can observe a small group of weavers working on their looms.  It also offers some interesting books and fine textiles for you.

Visiting some of the vital places where the actual textile originated in Bhutan can be a extraordinary experience with  Tour Operators in Bhutan.

  • Drive to Lhuentse, one of the most remote districts in Bhutan to  VisitKhoma village, which is known best for the Kithara weaving in Bhutan.
  • The small town of SamdrupJongkhar sits on asmall strip of land just where the foothills begin and sharply rise up to the mountains. People around the country getMacheybury (raw silk fiber) from Indian border town close to SamdrupJongkhar to weave traditional dresses.
  • With the Excursion to Rangjung,and Radhi village,  you can come across women weaving on backstrap looms and also the village very famous for its raw silk weaves. 
  • Lhuentse, one of the most isolated districts in Bhutan. The region is famous for its weavers, and their distinctive textiles are usually considered to be the finest in the country.
  •  During travel to KhomaVillage, you can come across some of the most famous and exclusive textiles weaved in silk and cotton. Khoma village is famous for distinctive ‘Kishuthara’ weaving and it is the main income source of the villagers.
  •  In GonpaKarporemote village clusters around a sacred monastery. The weavers of this village believe that their weaving is superior because of the special blessing from the deities of this sacred site.



The landscape of Bhutan is spectacular, and the region is famous for its weavers, and their distinctive textiles. Bhutan Textile Tours introduceyou to the complexweaves, most celebrated weavers, and sophisticated weaving culturesas a symbol of Bhutan’s highly refined artistic heritage. Tour Operators in Bhutan are informative and help gives you some context to the Bhutan Textile Tours to be observed up close.


Authors Bio-

This article is produced by Authentic Bhutan Tours- a certified Tour Operators in Bhutan offers a specialized Bhutan Textile Tours solution to guide you in exploring and enjoying the expedition.

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