How skill India campaign is changing the lives of the people?

Posted by instituteforcareergrowth on November 20th, 2018

The new skill India campaign has transformed the lives of the people like never before. The beauty of this program is that it does not give people doles, but skill them in some work so that they can earn their living without any help and create employment opportunities for others. The scope of this program is truly mind-boggling. A recent study has shown that under this scheme more than 1 crore people have benefited annually from 2015 onwards.

Under the skill India development project, experts identify a number of skills that are in great demand in the market. After the skills are identified, then institutes are chosen where these skills can be taught in mass scale either to people who are trying to learn a new trade or for those who do not have any skill that will make them employable. If you are living in South Delhi, then you can go to the the website of the government and look at those Institutes in South Delhi, from where you can learn new skills to improve your income substantially.

The effectiveness of this program is due to the fact that it is tailor-made to the rising demand for different skills in the market. This had made this program truly beneficial for both the learner as well as the society at large. While the person who is trying to learn a new skill at a vocational and skill development training centre has a higher chance of getting good employment opportunities when the training is complete and the society does face the scarcity of skilled people in the market. This helps a great deal in keeping the cost of any job under control.

This campaign has helped millions of families to raise their standard of living as their income improved. This has a direct impact on the market as it has created a big demand for goods that people living on the edge of poverty earlier could not afford. This improved demand has helped the economy to grow much faster.

The skill development campaign along with the Mudra scheme (under which people are given loans to start their own business) has slowly kindled the entrepreneurial skills of the Indians. Thus, now a youngster can dream of being a job giver rather than a job seeker. This will go a long way in weaning away people from government doles and help them to stand on their own feet. This is a forward-thinking scheme and its full impact can only be truly evaluated after five to ten years. In order to make this program a grand success, the planner of this program need to keep the program regularly updated as per the market requirements and launch sustained campaign to make it popular all over India.

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