Basic Concepts of Programming before learning Programming

Posted by aeroboticsglobal on November 20th, 2018

Programing is a collection of languages which you need to learn first before starting working in any language. Moreover, you should get clear with programming concepts unless or you are confident enough.These are some programming concepts which are helpful in all ages like basic programming for kids , programming for proffesionals, programing for adults etc. 

  • Variable

This is one in every of the foremost basic parts of programming. In short, the way to refer one thing specified you'll use it in an exceedingly line of code:

o   You may develop a variable to store age of someone and decision it ‘age’
May develop a variable to store user’s name and decision it ‘username’

o   You will develop a variable to count what number times a factor happened and decision it ‘counter’

o   You would develop a variable to store position associated decision it an ‘index’

o   Variables square measure changeable. A user’s name might be completely different on every occasion once one code runs. 

  • Strings, integers and other types of data

A string is a series of characters.

You have different types of variables, which keep on changing. The basic types include:

    • Numbers — integers and floats (they have decimal places)
    • Text — basically called strings and indicated by quotation marks, e.g.“17 August”
    • Lists or arrays indicated by square brackets and commas, e.g. [“Manchester”, “Glasgow”, “Paris”]
    • Dictionaries or dicts normally mentioned by curly brackets, colons and commas, e.g. {“Age” : 23, “Name”: “Jane”}
  • Functions, methods

Functions and strategies square measure like titles. you merely have to be compelled to give the ingredients.
Functions and strategies square measure primarily one-word formulae to perform things that mayotherwise take many lines of code. 

  • Arguments or parameters

Arguments square measure necessary to create your formula.
Functions and strategies want ingredients to figure, every referred to as associate argument or parameter.

  • Lists/arrays and dictionaries/dicts

Lists is sort of a row of individuals, you'll be able to realize things by their position.
Lists and dictionaries might be terribly helpful in programming however at an equivalent time quite confusing for laymen.

  • Objects

o   The term ‘object’ in programming is some things that might be altered or employed in a way by the program.

o   Sort of a variable that has associate age, name, list, etc.

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