Creative Ideas for Employee Appreciation Rewards

Posted by octanner on November 20th, 2018

Employee appreciation is the practice acknowledging the hard work and achievements of individual employees and various teams within a business organization. Recognition helps create a relationship between employees and their company. This practice shows that a company is supportive of the work employees do and that the company values employee contributions. It goes above and beyond what a salary alone can achieve.

Employee appreciation is a critical factor involved in increasing the engagement of a company workforce. When employees feel appreciated for the work they do, they are more prone to be engaged. In spite of the benefits this factor offers, employee appreciation is not practiced by all companies. This needs to change. Today it is essential for companies to acknowledge their employees with employee appreciation rewards such as a personalized gift or other perk or item that shows that their hard work is valued. Below are some rewards ideas that your business can offer.

  • Handwritten note: This is a simple but an effective way to show appreciation. An employer can write a note to the employee sharing appreciation for them and their work. Handwritten notes can be written on a card or a journal. A genuine note could stay pinned on an employee’s wall for years, while a meaningless gift could end up being in the trash.
  • Dinner: The company can take employees for out dinner as an employee appreciation reward. Everybody loves food and having a free meal is a nice perk for earning recognition. This reward also allows employees to talk to their colleagues and leadership in an informal manner. This can help create meaningful bonds between the members of the workplace.
  • Swap jobs for a day: This strategy may not work for everyone, but it can be a fun perk. Allow high-performing employees to swap their jobs and learn about the duties involved in another type of role. This can help show them additional opportunities that are available to them and can help cross-train your workforce.
  • An employee of the month award: This is another simple, traditional idea that is still effective. Your company can feature an employee of the month on your website as a reward for their accomplishments. The employee who is featured can also be rewarded with a plaque or certificate, as well as additional perks.

Recognition helps employees feel good about themselves. Employee appreciation rewards motivate employees to keep up their good work and positively reinforce behaviors that positively impact a company. These rewards help emphasize employee success rather than basic competency. Companies should come up with a solid strategy to recognize their employees to increase employee engagement, enhance employee morale, provide better customer service, and reduce employee turnover.

Author’s Bio: In this article, the author explains the need for employee appreciation strategies and outlines some creative ideas for employee appreciation rewards.

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