Why Customer Support Outsourcing Should Matter to Your Business

Posted by Neha Gupta on November 21st, 2018

Outsourcing, at first glance, seems like an appealing idea especially when you look at all the benefits that tag along, benefits such as saving you tons of money, resources and often times, a great deal of stress. Though farming out your customer service will definitely help cut overheads, you have to understand here that it’s not a one-for-all solution to your problems or in simple words, there is no such thing as magic outsourcing beans (in case, you are thinking otherwise).

Now, keeping this in mind, let’s move on to understanding what exactly customer support is and how can it help grow your business along with some of the best practices that come with customer support outsourcing. Combine these for yourself to figure out why (or whether) outsourcing this service should matter to your business.

What is Customer Support?

The general image that pops into people’s head whenever they think of customer support is that of a group of friendly, smiling people answering client’s phone calls. Though in practice customer support agents play a much bigger role, serving as a prime connection between your business and its clients, handling queries from installation guidance to technical failure to initial set-up to maintenance, security and God knows what else. And this, in turn, makes them direct representatives of your establishment and its work culture.

How Customer Support can help your Business?

Knowing about customer support is one thing but understanding how it can help your business along with utilizing it to its full potential is completely another thing. Apart from securing purchases (by resolving queries) and referring the client to other products which help bring loyalty within the client, customer support teams relieve your in-house employees to concentrate on their work and achieve higher efficiency by handling themselves the direct communication with the clients.

All this, no doubt, leads to an elevated company’s image and the building of a trustworthy and reliable brand. Just keep this in mind, a good customer support service is one that not only makes the money but also saves the money.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your customer support services?

a. If you compare the cost of creating your own in-house customer support team to that of hiring a call center fully equipped with all the infrastructure and a team of employees, you will realise outsourcing will be a much cheaper deal.

b. With the help of outbound services that are offered by many call centers, you can avail various other services as well such as welcome calls, cross-selling, ‘winback’ campaigns etc. In short, it can provide another avenue to grow your business.

c. As your business grows, the majority of your time will be taken up to providing customer support service to your customers whereas outsourcing this service will help you to reallocate your time and expertise to areas that need the most attention.

d. Another great aspect of outsourcing is working longer schedules. Just kidding, what I mean is, you will be better able to satisfy your customers’ needs even after your business have been closed for the day as call centers generally operate 24/7.

e. Here’s a fact, if you are not up to date with the current technology, you won’t last long. But outsourcing can help resolve this issue for you once and for all as the call center agents generally work with most significant technology, you can be rest assured that your customers are being offered the best service possible at all times.

f. Customers, nowadays, are much more demanding than they ever were and will not hesitate to switch over to your competitors if you fail to satisfy their demands. Outsource customer support to a service agency with the experience and expertise to handle customers and within no time see your pockets lined up with revenue.

g. A reputed call center always comes with a team of trained, qualified professionals with the access to best practices and techniques only a professional would know. Try to do this yourself or use unqualified individuals and it might result in PR disasters which in the long run will damage your business.

f. Having a call center at your disposal can mean great things for your business, things such as flexible schedules, additional services and certain other capabilities your in-house team can only dream of achieving. Today’s call centers are basically made to tailor their services in order to meet your needs.


Outsourcing customer support applies all the principles of customer service which includes not only helping customers to solve problems (no matter how small or big) and make better decisions for themselves but also in functioning as a part sales and part tech support. And the outcome? A happy, satisfied customer. What more could you possibly want?

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