Sole Representative Visa and ILR Visa UK in Brief

Posted by loreen on November 21st, 2018

The only way of the application of this Sole Representative Visa is if you come from outside UK and as an outsider of European Economic Area or Switzerland. There are other options available for you like

  1.        You are an employee or representative of a company and you come to UK in order to settle down by establishing a new branch of your overseas company in UK.
  2.        Another way of entry is if you are an agent of any news paper or a journalist.

There are certain criteria that you need to fulfil in order to be the applicant of the visa as soon as you satisfy all the criteria then and there you are eligible for it.

  1.        Remember, you have to apply this from outside UK or European Economic Area.
  2.        You have to show the details of your earning and you have to convince the officers that you are the one to run your expenses and not taking help of any public fund to run your expenses.
  3.        You have to prove your knowledge in English as majority speaks in this language in order to get the way of getting sole representative visa.
  4.        If you have come here as a representative or employee of your company then for entrance you have to be recruited outside UK and your company has no head quarter in UK hitherto.
  5.        You should have to have knowledge in industry.
  6.        You can get the eligibility if your company is having any legal entity in UK.
  7.        Your position in the company has to be firm enough to take decision on the behalf of the company staunchly.

ILR visa UK is a key for indefinite stay in UK. If someone is having no right to abode in UK then eligibility of this visa can bring that person the chance of staying in UK. Moreover, one can stay like other independent citizens of UK w2ithout any restriction in study and job and whatsoever.

It has certain category like

  1.        Spouse visa or unmarried partner visa.
  2.        UK ancestry visa.
  3.        Long distance.

What are the qualifications?

You have to satisfy these qualifications in order to get this visa.

  1.        As an applicant you have to complete a continuous stay of 5 years in order to get this and you have to show some specific income requisites.
  2.        In 45 minute devised test you have to demonstrate your experience in UK.

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