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Posted by john roone on November 21st, 2018

In the month of October, the bulls of Beef master breed are largely sold. On the first Saturday of October, 140 Bar 33% Beef master Bulls are sold. This breed represents around 33% of bull calves weaned. Usually people from Mexico, South America and U.S. are buying the bulls. So, far in 2016 maximum bulls were sold.

Performance Test

They sell the best bulls in the farm. The Tom Tasater team conducts ISA test before selling the bulls. They conduct the unique peer-group performance test before to determine the condition of the bull. The team strictly follows the 6 guiding principle of Six Essentials of weight, fertility, milk production, disposition, hardiness and conformation to know the overall condition of the bulls.

This system of examination was introduced by Tom Tasater 80 years ago. They conduct this test very carefully and they follow two ways to test high performance or low performance. To determine breeding season, they considered 90 days. They provide the data with careful appraisal and in this way; they select the best bulls with the best price ranges. The bull that is extremely in good health is only sold.

The bulls are first brought for sale and then ISA test is conducted nearly for 8 months.   They are even tested under the most difficult environments. Initially, they complete the 50-Day gain test on a low-energy ration and they should remain healthy even during the most odd-weather conditions. So, the bulls that do not lose weight even under the most ill conditions are considered healthier.

The bulls that are healthiest are penned and then catalogued in sales order. The bulls are catalogued in descending order so that the bulls are identified by the buyers.

They select the best 45 bulls that are found in the registered herds.

The cows that are place for sale are tested and their health background is checked. They are always ready for service. The bulls that are fertility-tested and ready for service are brought for sale.

They also provide evidence for ISA performance test by revealing the semen test results. The L Bar bulls is available in various types such as 0324, 3100, 9234, 1167 etc. The Hanabero is among the best bulls that are provided with the first ranking. They are tough and are well-grown and are provided to professional cattlemen. Customers in Central America, US, South America and Thailand are using these bulls in the farms and the bulls are also providing them great benefits.

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