Five Factors That Make Teak The Perfect Solid Wood Material

Posted by kamal on November 21st, 2018

What is so great about teak wood furniture? So many new customers keep asking that question. It is pretty clear that a majority of furniture shoppers favour teak wood above the average oak or pine. But, what are the reasons behind this trend for furniture teakwood supplies? The answer is found within the natural rubber and oils in teak.

Ability To Retain Natural Oils and Rubber

While all trees contain oil in it for protection, teak often works out different. The natural oils and rubber are retained long after the tree was fell. This makes it perfect at resisting weather elements that lead to degradation of wood.


You must have seen antique teak dining tables that still look as strong as new. This is probably the biggest advantage that comes with teak furniture. Most consumers want to buy furniture items that could be souvenirs in their generations. This is attributed to the tree’s ability to retain natural oils and rubber after being cut and processed.

Resistance To Insects and Termites

The natural oil content in teak wood is known to resist termites. Those white ants that are a headache to most people with wood furniture will not be your problem if you invest in the right quality teak wood furniture. Yet again, the oils also resists fungal that can damage the look of a great furniture piece.

Besides termites, there are many other insects that can destroy wood. Thankfully, the oil in teak wood repels them too. If you have had termites climbing up the walls of your house and eating all the expensive furnishings, you will quickly vouch for the importance of this advantage.  As a result, the odds of teak wood furniture getting damaged by insects is greatly eliminated.

Moderation of Heat

Solid wood furniture are generally known to regulate heat. Teak wood, being a solid wood is no exception. You will find it particularly useful in extreme weather conditions. It does not get too cold in extreme winter or too hot in during the hottest summer weather conditions. This is also the reason why most people prefer the touch the feel of natural wood material, compared to metal and plastic counterparts.

Ability To Resist Rot and Decay

Teak is known to have one of the highest densities in solid wood materials. This makes it resistant to elements rot and decay. This is why you will see a teak club chair in the outdoors still looking as good as new ten years after it was purchased.

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