How to Find the Best Employee Time-sheet Software?

Posted by Zeel Solutions on November 22nd, 2018

An Employee time-sheet software that might be a good option for one business might not be ideal for the nest one. A negative experience might not only leave you with a horrible taste in your mouth but also waste your time, financial resources, energy and most importantly, reputation. However, there are a few things that every effective employee time-sheet software have in common. This software may be used as a productivity tool, helping your employees to budget their time, build efficiency, increase productivity and stay organized.

Why Should Every Company Have Timesheet Software?

Software today isn’t the same as even a few years ago. It used to be when you purchased software, you had to upgrade and re-license your software as new versions became available. While searching for the right employee time-sheet software solution for your business, I will tell you why every company must have this software. Today’s technology allows employees to do the following:

     Track the number of hours they have worked from anywhere
     Integrate time cards with invoicing
     Approve bills and invoices
     Access to all employee’s timesheets

A great timesheet software should be beneficial both for management and employees.

What To Search For In Timesheet Software?

The number of web-based timesheet software providers can be overwhelming and a person who is a newcomer to this market can easily get lost in this options. But don’t worry I am here to help you to narrow don’t your options and find the best match for your company.

Easy To Use

Electronic timesheet for employees must be very easy to use. Neither managers nor employees should spend hours understanding what is going on. The software must easily integrate into the existing office program system.


A good timesheet software must quickly become a part of your business strategy. Using the software you and your employees must be able to see the daily progress on every project your run, check out what milestones are already achieved.

Automatic Calculations

A good timesheet software for employees must be fully automatized. It must calculate overtimes hours, regular hours day offs and other data.

 Seeing the full picture

You can improve your employee’s time management skills by seeing the full problem - Timesheets used to help determine payroll, but not much else. Nowadays, they’re used for detailed time organization as well. Data that can be provided using timesheet can be used to measure productivity, the amount of money you should pay your employees and have a sense about what problems they have related to time management. Modern employee timesheets software solutions have advanced time tracking features. This will help your teamwork at its best. No matter how complicated things get, you’ll always remain in control of the situation.

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