4 Most Tricky iPhone 8 Problems and Their Solutions

Posted by billymark007 on November 22nd, 2018

With the passage of time, Apple has brought several amazing devices in the digital space. Apple’s iPhones have been popular and widely appreciated by people across the globe. But, similar to other phone devices, they are prone to some issues that might be tricky to solve. In this blog, we will go through some of the trickiest issues faced by iPhone 8 users and how to fix them.

Common iPhone 8 Issues and How to Fix Them


iPhones are used regularly and for long durations. While batteries drain as the phone gets used, some users see that their device’s battery dies faster than usual. Luckily there are some ways to fix this unexpected battery drainage issue.

Potential solutions

  • Try to do a factory reset. However, before you do so, back up your iPhone data. After resetting the iPhone 8, do not restore the backup. Check whether the battery issue persists.
  • If you are still facing battery problems, then it might be due to faulty hardware.

Battery swelling is amongst the most commons signs for battery failure. This happens because of outgassing when the battery is spoiled, worn out, or overcharged.

Potential solutions

  • Do not charge the battery too much. Keep the battery away from water.
  • Remove the battery safely by using a solvent.
  • Use the original charger that came with your iPhone 8. Do not use low-priced, broken, or corrupt chargers or power cords.
  • If you feel that the battery has been compromised, then get a replacement without delay.

Some people are encountering a problem with their iPhone 8’s earpiece. Whenever they place a call, the earpiece makes a crackling or static sound. This sound disturbs the audio.  This issue has impacted not only iPhone8 but also iPhone 8 Plus. The users have said that it is occurring across various carriers and in various parts of the globe.

Potential solutions

  • If you have access to a developer account, then you should go to the Download New Betas page.
  • The problem could be happening due to faulty hardware. If this is the case, then you should get a replacement handset.

When you open the App Store and see that it just keeps refreshing every couple of seconds, then do not worry. This issue is quite widespread and not too difficult to fix.

Potential solutions

  • Try restarting your iPhone 8 and see if this problem gets resolved. Just press and hold the Sleep button and when prompted, slide to shut off. After that, long press the Sleep button again to power your device back on. See if the problem returns or not.
  • Just sign out of your Apple account and then log in again. To do so, open the Settings app and tap on your name. After that, touch on iTunes & App Store and select Apple ID. Select Sign Out and then tap on Sign in. Key in the login credentials and see if the problem returns.

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