What Makes ISO 27001 Important for your Business?

Posted by Luke Tayler on November 22nd, 2018

Due to the rise of data breaches and cyber attacks, cybersecurity is the booming priority of the organisations that need to deal with IT services. Many such companies have already chosen an Information Security Management System or ISMS. What is ISMS? A framework of processes, documents, technology, and people can help an organisation deal with the management, monitoring process, and improvement of their information security system. ISO 27001 certification is a single tool that can help you achieve all of these things. Often entrepreneurs think why they should hire ISO 27001 certification consultants for gaining this standard; what they will get in return. Are you thinking the same? Well. Then let me tell you that you can avail a number of benefits out of this standard. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons that make this standard immensely important for your business.

Benefits of ISO 27001 to the Businesses

Protects Information Violation

Information violation can destroy the reputation of a business in the blink of an eye. It can decrease the market value of an organisation. Clients and stakeholders would turn away their faces from such a company. ISO 27001 assures the potential clients and the stakeholders that the company takes cyber security seriously and they provide everything that can assure the data safety.

Ensures that the Information Existing in the Database is Accurate

The database is a storeroom of an organisation where confidential and essential information is stored. IT Security Management System assures that every information inserted in the database is correct. It helps the company be sure of the authenticity of the clients, stakeholders, and the employees.

Provides Customization of Data Modification Right

This standard makes sure that only the authorised people or agency can modify the information. It implies that only a few people or agencies will be able to get access to the data modification.

Apart from these benefits, ISO 27002 reviews the risks and minimizes the impact of a data breach and helps a business exercise the industry best practices.

ISO 27001 certification establishes the fact that a business has identified the risks, monitored the implications, and dealt with the systemized controls to enable the organisation to avoid any damage. ISO certification consultants have noted certain other benefits as well, such as:

• Increases the reliability and establishes the brand image
• Enhances customer and business partner confidence
• Boosts up business resilience
• Helps the meet the customer requirements
• Improves managerial operations and functions

ISO 27001 Benefits to the Employees

ISO 27001 certification not only improves the sales and the business structure but also helps your employees. You might be wondering- how! Yes, this standard offers a bunch of benefits that can help your employees, such benefits include:

• Encourages the Productivity of the Employees

Companies, which are certified to ISO 27001, have admitted that improvement of the cybersecurity system has helped them boost the productivity of their human resources. When the employees find the work environment suitable and safe, they get inclined towards productivity. As an outcome, the employers will reap the benefits of this increasing productivity and the employees will enjoy an immense career forth and new opportunities.

• Protects Jobs

IT Security Management Standard drafts information security policy. Every employee should follow this policy. This security policy can help the employees in two ways-

First, it minimizes the threats of data breaches, which are remarkably increasing, these days. The main aim of this policy is to balance the amount an organisation needs to spend to address a breach. Second, when the employees are following the ISO 27001 guidelines, the organisation is not allowed to blame them for a data breach. Hence, this standard can save their job as well. Perhaps, this is one of the major reasons why people prefer working with an ISO 27001 certified company. Whenever you get in touch with reputed ISO 27001 certification consultants to discuss the implementation about ISO 27001, they will tell you how you can increase your business as well as make your organisation a dream place to work with for the employees.

Safeguards Personal Data

Every employee must be aware of their duties when it comes to protecting the personal data against data breaches. However, they should equally be concerned about the personal information they have given to their employers. Every organisation demands a lot of information when a new employee is going to join the company. Therefore, the employees should be ensured that their personal information is being safeguarded in accordance with the best practices. Implementation of ISO 27001 ensures the employees that their personal information is safe and secure.

Don’t you think these benefits of ISO 27001 are enough to consider the certification? If so, do it right now without wasting any time!

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