BEGINNER WOODWORKER- A difficult skill to learn

Posted by Nabin Shaw on November 22nd, 2018

Woodworking is nothing but a basic carpentry. It means it is woodwork in which different materials are made from wood.

Beginner woodworkeris the one who is going to start woodworking on the own.


Woodworkers are someone who makes male different furniture from wood or the one who does carpentry is a woodworker and can also be called as carpenters.

Woodworkers generally do the following:-

  • Take an overview of the project.
  • Make blueprint as per the project.
  • Make a list of the equipment needed.
  • Cut the wood according to the size and the model with the help of equipment.
  • Try to make the project perfect by adding some more details to the cuts.
  • Trim the wooden piece.
  • Remove the blunt blades.

Woodworking can be also called as craftwork using wood.

It seems time consuming, costly and never experienced work for many people so many people don’t do woodworking on their own instead of buying the furniture from the market and spare a huge amount of money into it.

But woodworking is not as such. It generally takes less time as well as require a few basic types of equipmentthat if bought once, can be used many times. Beginner woodworkerhas to keep perfection in the mind as to make the wood crafts perfectly.

Basic equipment

  • Cordless drill:Woodworkers require drillingholes in almost all the DIY wood crafts and therefore they require a cordless drill to make their work easy.
  • Handsaws:Handsaws come under the category of most important basic tool to cut big wooden blocks despite the shape required by a wooden block. It requires a lot of effort to cut wooden blocks.
  • Jigsaws: Jigsaws are not relevant for cutting wooden blocks straight but are required to make curves in the blocks. Jigsaws have generally cheaper blades than those of handsaws.
  • Circular saws:Circular saws are needed to make long straight cuts but are not the best option for beginner woodworkers it dangerous.
  • Screw:Screws are needed in woodwork as it helps in joining wooden blocks and the joints made by screws are hard to break.
  • Screwdrivers:Screwdrivers are needed to drive the screws.
  • Sanders:Sanders is needed so as to give finishing to the wooden model. There are many types of sanders like hand sanders, orbital sanders and belt sanders in which the cheapest and commonly used sander is hand sander. Orbital sanders are used in tight spaces due to its small size. Belt sanders are the heaviest amongst all the sanders and are useful for large objects.
  • Painting:After the completion of the woodwork, there is a requirement of beauty in it which can be achieved by painting. There are two types of pain available which are latex paint and oil-based paint in which the most recommended one is latex paint due to its clean upthe property.

The above mentioned are the tools essential for a beginner woodworker. The time required for completion of woodworking is really very less.

Safety to be maintained

The beginners must wear safety equipment as well as the right clothes. Tools must be used where it is required as inappropriate use of it can be very dangerous. Also, the power must be disconnected after use so as to avoid electrical problems further. In addition to these, use of blunt blades can give a bad shape to wood and thus spoiling the model. Therefore, it is also recommended to change blades regularly. While using cutting tools or saws, it is advisable to maintain proper safety so as to avoid further cuts.

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