Stand Up and Get Up for Music on World IP Day 2015

Posted by Juanes Garza on November 22nd, 2018

Litigation of IP matters Latin America and most people around the world celebrated the World Intellectual Property each April 26. It was stared from 2000 to promote the important role of IP.  IP played the huge innovation and creativity and in 2000, the member states came into force in 1970. They were the members of the World Intellectual Property Organization who aimed to raise people’s awareness of Intellectual Property and helped them to understand it.

Litigation of IP matters Latin America got the invitation of getting Up, Stand Up for Music. It was focused on some of the changes in the music industry including the dissemination and creation to access by the public. WIPO and its partners in the world organized events and activities each year. It was to promote the World IP Day which including some private entities, Latin American governmental, association in Argentina, Peru, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and universities held the events. It was completely held including the forums, lectures, conferences, and the workshops. Those things were only for the World IP Day.

The World IP Day would be held in different place and them each year. Therefore, if you want to join the celebration, you can keep checking the information from this website. Litigation of IP matters Latin America has a right to attend the day. It is a celebration and an appreciation for the work of them. Back in 2013, there was a product named Cordero Chilote that should be protected. The product became a geographical indication. The origin of it was decided by the Ministry of Agriculture. The changing location to celebrate the IP day is aimed to know more about another country or place IP.

In 2014, the trademark application took the time from 9 months to 6.4 months before the grant oppositions. It was reduced and there was a decrease of 28.8% in 2013. This effort should be rewarded to the whole personnels that became the participants of it. This is a great improvement and hopefully, the better work is achieved by the whole attorney around the world. Innovation and technology give the best impact on the attorney's work. This is a great news to find the better theme for IP day. The next year, you can check it on Moeller IP website. In addition, you can get the invitation from the site and be ready to happy. If this year you got the better music, the next year would be something more interesting.

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