Wish Three:

Posted by smrtsmith on November 23rd, 2018

Here's some that needs when you are fixed:
Super sim is broke. The CPU runs a play every 15 seconds plus it creates unrealistic stats. It's a pain to set the knowledge clock and accel clock up perfectly in CFM ensuring that you just  can get accurate stats.
Sub in/Sub out sliders in CFM are broke. No matter the number of you alter these sliders, nothing works. Not a gamebreaker Madden 19 Coins but pretty annoying, particularly for an element that is  straightforward to mend.
Also, would love when getting able to line positions like slot receiver, receiving back, etc. It might be set as almost as much as ensure that the slot receiver is automatically for the slot on all  offensive plays where there is frequently a slot guy at a formation, and they also revert back with the depth chart for plays and not which has a slot guy. Receiving back might well be described as a little more complicated.  It's just annoying Buy Madden 19 Coins in CFM seeing Darren Sproles get 275 carries inside a season because includes an exceptional OVR to develop him a starter.
Wish Four:
Substitutions work to me. Especially at HB, My 2nd string gets just being a 1/3 of my runs that's ok around my estimation. And on big drives my 3rd strings find some action too. Setting the  slot receiver might very well be awesome though.
Wish Five:

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