How To Create And Manage A California Booster Club

Posted by Amit Singh on November 23rd, 2018

In order to create a California booster club, you need to discuss the mission of the booster club with a team of people that are able to help with the organization, likely comprised of individuals such as parents of students or other such people with a vested interest in the mission of the booster club, and come up with a catchy mission statement.

Set a name for the booster club. Have multiple options since the first nae choice for the booster club may already be taken.

You have to make everyone in the club sign the consent form as an agreement to serve in the booster club. The form will acknowledge that the volunteers are there under their own free will and recognize that they will not personally profit from the organization.

To manage a California booster club, it is important to have a clear objective to avoid disappointment later on. Draft and file documents to become a state non profit corporation. 

Discuss the annual budget for the booster club. You need to decide upon how much money each person in the club is willing to expense for start-up fees. Include in the budget each activity or source of income and the amount that you expect to raise from each. Also include each type of expense, and the estimated costs. At each booster club meeting you should track the budgeted income and estimated expenses against the actual income and expenses.

Design a marketing strategy for your booster club. Think about the various ways on how to spread the word and attract more members who will pay the club a membership fee to participate. For example, online marketing strategies could include building a club website or starting a social networking site.

To manage a California booster club, it is important to have a clear objective to avoid disappointment later on. Draft and file documents to become a state non profit corporation.

During the process of California booster club creation and after you found a booster club in California, transparency among members and donors should be a priority. Membership meetings should include a report on current activities and provide a budget-to-actual report showing income and expenses to date. Communication within the booster club will lead to trust among members and the improved efficiency of teamwork, ultimately leading to better results for the booster club and the school program(s) it supports.

Get your booster club registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt status, 501(c)(3). Also, apply for an EIN (similar to a social security number, but for a business). Also apply for 501c3 tax-exempt status with the IRS, so that you can raise funds for the organization and your projects. The website of IRS offers an EIN online application for convenience. Research details on California State’s laws on incorporating a non-profit organization. You have to maintain all documentation, such as EIN certificates, bank account information, consent form paperwork, meeting minutes, budgets and membership paperwork in a safe and organized manner.

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