How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Human Society So Profoundly?

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on November 23rd, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world around us and not only that it also changing our daily life. This is a branch of computer science that lets computer learn and solve problems with no human interference. In this digital era of mobile app development, artificial intelligence is used in almost every industry including agriculture, finance, online shopping and many more.

Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Different Fields -


AI is going to take personalized advertising to next level. If you have any thought in your mind regarding Facebook Cambridge Analytic scandal was bad then definitely you don’t have any idea what’s going to next. Advertisers have the idea what kinds of ads might affect purchasing behavior. With the passage of time, ads are going to become more tailored for the individual. Even today, the impact of AI on society can’t be ignored as these algorithms can learn your behavior before you know it.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is the next industry that is disrupted by artificial intelligence. There exist various tech startups that are using this advanced technology to automate legal work. Besides this, some judicial courts are also using AI to determine parole eligibility and to sentence criminals. The criminal justice system is the only area where too much innovation could be a terrible thing for society if we are not careful.


You will be surprised to know that Uber and Lyft are working on self-driving technology. Although the transportation industry looks like that it is the first industry that is completely affected by artificial intelligence. Waze that is a GPS navigation software company released a new app called CarPool that converts 50 million users into drivers and allow them to commute to work together. Besides this, Tesla has already beaten most of the competitors to market with autopilot feature. Moreover, Tesla is also looking to modify the trucking industry with a new autonomous vehicle called Semi. There is no doubt in saying that this is the biggest innovation in Android app development services too that has saved hours of human productivity.

See how AI is going to change the way we live, work and play -

AI software will create significant business opportunities

There are various mobile app development companies that will take up the mantle and pushing the boundaries of search, automation, and social media. Due to immense benefits, it is estimated that this advanced technology will create various business opportunities as well as societal value. For instance, chatbots or virtual assistants offer expert assistance, small robots in the field of finance, legal, media, journalism that will provide instantaneous research or findings. There also exist other benefits such as supply chain networks, R & D projects and improving governance by better decision making processes.

AI is poised to replace tasks, not jobs

The development of this latest technology will spur a plethora of opportunities for employees as well as for app developers to upgrade their skills and focus on creative aspects. There exist approx 5% of jobs in these industries that are routine in nature, we expect 50-75 million jobs globally, 2% of the worldwide workforce that will be potentially affected due to the advent of AI.

The Winners and Losers of AI’s rise

Where there are winners, there also exist losers. AI’s rise will have a more profound effect on various industries and some are badly affected by this latest advent. Besides this, there also exist indirect beneficiaries such as hi-tech engineering, healthcare. If we talk about the pharmaceutical industry then this technology is reducing the cost and time of drug development by predicting the therapeutic use of new drugs and thus it is responsible for driving huge efficiency gains.


Software Companies


Hi-tech engineering

Robotic process automation industries




Surpassing Human Intelligence

AI has a profound impact on low-income communities via vastly improved oversight of resources like education and healthcare, food and water & dissemination of social services. It is also predicted by experts that AI will translate useful applications into meaning social and economic changes by the year 2030. Overall, there is no doubt in saying that this technology is eliminating imperfections in supply chains and boosting overall productivity.


There is no doubt in saying that AI is the biggest innovation that is completely changing our lives. In fact, this is the most popular technology that is replacing human workers & robots taking control. Getting your AI-powered application done by leading mobile app Development Company then “Fluper” would be a fantastic idea as the company is well-known for offering emerging technologies services.

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