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Posted by John Smith on November 24th, 2018

Yacht charter Corfu rental is ideal to ensure fun, relaxation or adventure. Here we present you top 10 activities you can enjoy on Yacht.

1. Relax and enjoy the sea breeze:

What better than resting in your vacations? You can enjoy board games, sunbathing, reading, and lot more. The sea is an ideal environment to put out your minds, put aside your worries, takes time for yourselves and simply enjoys doing nothing.

2. Canoe, kayak, paddle:

These three nautical activities are the most recurrent on board a ship since many rental bases offer the equipment to be able to do them.

3. Waterskiing and Wakeboarding:

It is a perfect activity to enjoy in the sea. In some cases, companies can offer this activity through other companies.

4. Diving or snorkeling:

You can always dive in the best waters. Many are the clients that visit paradisiacal places to discover the best fleet and fauna of the seas and oceans. If it is not the case to be able to navigate, the snorkel with diving masks can be one of the most pleasant activities, simple and with the equipment that all boats usually have on board.

5. Fishing:

First of all, make sure that the place where you go fishing allows fishing and inform us about the restrictions. Fishing with a rod with a harpoon. Depending on the area you can catch fresh fish of the day and eat it on board.

6. Cooking on board:

Every effort has its rewards. It's time to cook what you have caught. We yacht hire Greece to recommend you to pickle some white fish with lime, some sour fruit juice, mint, and ginger. It is an authentic delight.

7. Appetizer time:

As always, the time before lunch and dinner are enjoyed with a small appetizer, the talks, and the moment to tell anecdotes and ultimately to share with the rest of the crew a great time in these beautiful places.

8. Party:

For young and not so young but who wish to discover the rhythm of the night of each city being close to tourist areas you will always have a moment of celebration if that is what you are looking for.

9. Explore the coastline:

The best thing is the discovery of the coast from that magnificent point of view left by the sea, to reach hidden places where we could only be thanks to our boat.

10. And of course, navigate:

Navigation in all its facets is a philosophy of life that allows the discovery of knowledge in a given environment. Once you try it you will never want to stop experiencing it again.

If you find all these activities interesting, do not hesitate to contact All 4 Yacht Charter offers the best.

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