What Is Shin Guard? What Are The Types Of Shin Guard?

Posted by Sahah Chan on November 24th, 2018

Different games are being played all over the world and to protect the players there are different protections being used. Even there are different rules which each player has to follow but many times due to some ignorance or mishappening, players get hurt. For this, they need to use different protectors to protect themselves.

Most essential Protector for the game

There are different protectors which are needed during the game. The shin guard is the most important protector in various games. The shin guard is a protector or equipment which is worn on the front of shinbone or tibia. It helps the player from getting injured during the play time on the shinbone.

It is being used in different games such as football, hockey, cricket, baseball, soccer and many more. In certain games, it becomes essential to use this. In the game of soccer, it is being required and essential to have it. These are being made as per the usage such as Soccer Shin Guards for Kids and for others as per the size of a body structure.

Best Shin guard

There are various brands which deal with the shin guards but it is best to use the Nike soccer shin guards which are of best quality and take proper care for the safety. There is no use to have the shin guards for soccer which do not provide safety to the shinbone. As there is the maximum chancer in the game that it might get hurt.

There are the different varieties of Nike soccer shin guards available in the market but the best from them is Nike mercurial shin guards. These shin guards are of very lightweight and have foam on it, which helps in playing with an ease. It has the feature which seems like breathing and the player does not feel uncomfortable.

Types of the shin guard

But there are different types of players in the field and as per the position it is required to have the shin guard. For each player, shin guard needs to be different but they can have the Nike soccer shin guards as per their position in the game. Mainly two types of shin guards are there –

1.    Slip-in guards – These shin guards are very lightweight such as Nike mercurial shin guards. These need to be placed inside the socks. Most of the design does not have the straps, it is necessary to have the socks or other things to hold them.

These types of shin guards allow the player to move freely and without any restriction. These types of guards could be used by both the young as well as older players.

2.    Ankle guards – These are the shin guards which also have the feature of protecting the ankle. It has a cushion on both side so that there would be no sprain while doing the kick. In some of the shin guard, the ankle guards could be removed as per the convenience.

Mostly these types of guards are recommended to the young players or players at the intermediate level only.  

The shin guards are used as per the size of the actual legs, therefore special Soccer Shin Guards for Kids are being made and it is always recommended to use that only for them and not the bigger shin guards.

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