How to care for luxury bags?

Posted by fashionbagsonline on November 24th, 2018

Many people bought brand-name Fake Luxury Bags, but also know some methods of care, but some guests in the care of bags, it is still not clear how the specific luxury bag should be how to care. There are many styles of brand-name luxury bags, different materials, stains in life are also different, each luxury brand bags need careful care. So, how should luxury bags be properly treated?

Luxury bag care

1, waterproof and moisture-proof

No matter what kind of Replica Christian Dior Bags should be waterproof and moisture-proof, when it rains, try to avoid the bag touched with rain. If the bag gets wet, dry it with a dry, soft cotton cloth. When the rain is wiped with cotton cloth, the moisture on the metal fittings must be wiped off, because the moisture may contain salt, and the moist environment and salt will cause the oxidation of the bag fittings, and the dampness will also cause the bagged leather to fade.

2, oil cleaning

Inadvertently smear oil on the bag, first wipe off the oil with a soft cotton cloth, then wipe it off again with a neutral detergent, gently wipe, the strength can not be too large to prevent breakage. Rub a little to wipe, use a cotton cloth to wipe gently with water, then wipe dry, then dry in a cool dry place. Other stains can also be removed using the above method.

3, pay attention to use

Brand-name luxury bags are often decorative and not suitable for carrying larger and heavier items. When using brand-name luxury bags, it is not allowed to put heavy and sharp things inside the Knockoff Cheap Bag. When you wear cosmetics, you should also avoid leakage of cosmetic bottles. If the bag is inadvertently scratched or contaminated with liquid, please send the bag to a professional luxury goods maintenance agency for professional maintenance. Do not try to handle it yourself.

4, regular maintenance

It is recommended that you send the bag to a professional luxury maintenance organization to inspect and clean it every six months. Professional maintenance personnel can inspect the invisible damage for you to repair in time.

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