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Importance of Previous Years Question Papers for Board Exam

Posted by abhinavbhutada on November 24th, 2018

It is utmost essential to attempt answers for previous years question papers to gain a high percentage in the board exam.

Organizing the answers for previous papers helps you understand the nuances of the exam questions and thus make your exam writing task simple and better.

Let us see how it helps you to write answers contextually, manage the time efficiently in the exam hall, and score marks to the decimal percentage accurately.

The Board Exam 2019 is fast approaching, and it’s high time that the exam toolkit is ready by now. You have to start revising the syllabus. To recollect, the exam toolkit should consist of a test series, practice tests, sample test papers, previous years question papers, mind maps, and, revision planner apart from your regular class notes and texts.

Working with the previous years’ question papers is one of the best extracts from the toolkit. Let us understand how we can derive the maximum benefits from it to score well in the Board exam.

Attending the previous years’ question papers is useful for you, even if you are not sharing the result with anyone. It mirrors your strength and weaknesses in the subject and helps to get focused on the grey areas in future exam attempts.

Importance of Previous Years Question Papers for Board Exam:

No doubt, everyone attends the school and/or tuition regularly, practice questions at home with the help of mobile apps. But, the three hours of exam makes the difference for all.

What’s the secret behind it?

The secret here is how you can recall the learnings and successfully pick up and present the answers as asked from the knowledge bucket you carry.

The importance of previous years question papers comes here.

Writing Answers Differently:

It helps you to get trained with the possible types of answers you should try, anticipate the varied types of questions, and prepare and practice accordingly.

So, the questions presented here are about the circulatory system. And, every one of you has read and understood the circulatory system. But the question asked and the way you answer to it steals the exam show. Right?!

All the questions revolve around the circulatory system. But in one case, you have to just draw a neat labeled diagram and describe it straightaway, whereas in others you have to frame the answers that call for an in-depth understanding, presentation, your opinion, words, and so forth.

You cannot sit in the exam hall and think about framing the answers. You have three hours and other questions also to answer.

In case, you did the homework correctly, this task is comfortable for you. You can always anticipate the questions and answer quickly.

When you attend the previous years’ question papers during the revision period, it is easy to understand the nuances of the exam.

Managing Time In The Exam Hall:

Time management is crucial in scoring marks in the exam.

It’s a caution, students!! Nobody will check back the efforts you put while preparing for the exam, or you were aware of the answer but did not write, you did not understand the question, and all kinds of other excuses will not work in the three hours.

It is the precious time, where you have to present your learnings the best way in the way it is asked.

For instance, if you are attending the SSC Board exam, practicing papers help you to know the possible ways of questions asked, anticipate the questions and get prepared well in advance.  

You might have written a long descriptive answer or the mind maps may have the bullet points for a question. You can correlate and refine the sentences for the answer in advance saving the time in the exam hall.

Taking Care of Percentage in Decimal:

An answer to the point carries full marks. Suppose you have written the answer correctly for a 5 marks question, then you will get 5 out 5 marks.

In case, the evaluator has to search the answer in your description and award marks, then you are bound to score 4 or 4 and a half marks for the question.

The consecutive half marks in each question will add up to 5 or 6 marks in total, giving a difference of 5-6% in performance. But, the irony here is you know the answer but you lost 5-6%.

It is a known fact that a decimal difference in percentage leads to hundreds of rank difference in competitive exams. 5-6% loss in a Board exam may lead to thousands of rank difference in the competitive exam and you may find it difficult to get the group subject or the college you want to join after the exam.

This is one of the nuances you have to learn by practice. You have to train your brain to answer as asked, point to point.

Practicing previous years question papers help you understand the exam field beforehand. You can attend the board exam with full confidence and without fear.

The Final Takeaway:

It is essential to attempt previous year question papers while preparing for the Board exams. It is the best-recommended revision toolkit you must use to score well in the exams.

You can secure your previous years’ question papers for SSC Board exam by downloading the Ezeetest app. Ezeetest app is a test evaluation app that comprises of online test series, practice tests, sample test papers, previous years’ question papers, and more.

Add Ezeetest app as your Exam toolkit today.

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