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Posted by Chandni Pandey on November 24th, 2018

Photography is an art, a photographer is a person who makes the photograph and it’s divided into two, amateur and professional.

Amateur photographer click picture for fun or as remember of occasion for an e.g. group of college friends taking a selfie just for fun, picture click during team outing is just to remember the time spent during the particular occasion. Amateur photographer are those as well who click the picture for pleasure and having the passion of storing it but they do not have any intention of selling to this photo to others to make money they are just doing it as hobby or interest, they are called as an amateur photographer.

Professional photographer may be a person, who create sketch or image having intention of selling it and earn money such as photo artist, photographer working for newspaper is also fall under the same category because he is not doing it just for passion he will get paid for it hence they will be a called a professional photographer. We hire photographer during special occasion such as marriage, son’s first birthday and so on this photographers are also a professional one.

Further photography is categorized depends on the subject they photograph such as advertising, commercial, documentary, lifestyle, event, and photoshoot. To become a professional photographer no compulsory registration is required but the insurance is required while working on public events and marriage. They use the contract to sell the license or use of his photo they give exact control how often their photograph will be used under which country e.g. U.S, U.K.

The right of photograph is protected by copyrights, a professional image such as an advertisement, calendar, book cover page etc. 

Earlier, traditional film-based photochemical method has been used, resolution of camera and photocopy isn't that good, and the copy gets spoiled after some years due to a chemical process. Continuous improvements made photography easier. Nowadays high-resolution digital camera and new technology has been used, have a great impact in the world. The picture quality of digital camera has continuous improved especially when the feature is aligned with every smartphone it became the everyday practice. Due to modernity and competition, everyone wants perfect image or photo so they hire Professional photographer in Orlando or in the city they reside.

Marketing is a key element in today’s competitive market hence professional advertising photography come in place so that clear saying of advertisements come in mind of the required audience.

Commercial photography also trending nowadays they go for commercial photography to sell their products or services majorly cafes and hotels go for commercial photography. Other industries maintain a catalog of their stock photography and image of last many years. Many online stock photography catalogs have appeared those invite photographers to sell their photos online easily and quickly

People consumed video so easily so people search for Orlando professional videography or search in the city they reside. Events like wedding and reception captured via videography. Many commercial or advertising company go for it and have a major impact on market compare to image advertisement, as it has a better impact on the public mind.

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