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Posted by Fin-Fired Credit Society Software on November 24th, 2018

Co-operatives societies are shaping the coming future. The concept isn’t new, people used to help each in other groups in the older times but the things have changed a lot. Today, we can join any society to become a member and help each other in it. If you think that your financial condition is not too strong then you can join a credit society to take some financial help. It is provided as a loan same as the traditional banks but the difference is that the interest rates are going to be reasonable and lower than the banks. Another difference is that a credit society cannot take or give any service to the people who aren’t a member. This means that the money which you are going to take from the society is deposited but others members.

This is called voluntary association. Helping each other in need. Because of the amazing concept and helpful nature of these societies, they are growing rapidly every part of the world, whether it is a town or city. It has spread its services in various states.

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Take a look at the surrounding, you will found that people are using modern technology in every part of their life. Whether is a smartphone which is said to be the revolutionary innovation or a computer which allows us to explore the easy ways to do things. You can see computers being used in every industry, it doesn’t matter if is related to IT or not. They are taking every benefit of it to improve their business.

The modern technology entered the co-operative society years ago. It helps in running the society with great productivity and ease. A credit cooperative society software is one example of this. These types of software are being widely used in credit societies to take the potential of society to the next level.

The management of a credit society is a pretty complex operation which cannot be done easily. This is where the software helps the most. It gives various options to manage and organize the society without any hard work. You can manage your loans, FD, scheme, etc. You can manage documents of multiple members through this software. It just makes the rough work look effortless.

But a society can have hundreds of members, the data which flow through the software is massive. This can raise the question of security of the software. Can you trust the credit society software? It completely depends on the software. The developers often integrated tons of security features to make it secure from any data leak.

Still have doubts about the security? Let’s see the different types of security features implemented in a credit society software:

  • Data security

The major concern of anyone towards credit society software is often about the data stored in it. This is why its security is needed without any doubt. Developers include every needed security element to ensure that nothing gets attacked or leaked from the software.

OTP (One Time Password): This security mechanism works to check the authenticity of the user. If someone is trying to log into your credit society account, then he/she has to prove it by entering the OTP. This OTP is commonly received on the phone number which is registered in the software. It ensures that a person without having the OTP on your registered number cannot enter your account.

Captcha: We can see the rise of the various automation technologies like Artificial Intelligence which can do tasks on their own without any human help. This is good but it can also be harmful if someone ones to attack the system. A captcha is a type of random puzzle which has to be solved in order to proceed. This makes sure that any AI cannot proceed because they still aren’t intelligent to understand random puzzles.

Encryption:  This ensures that every data in the software keeps encrypted which cannot be read by anyone. Even if someone gets the data, the attacker cannot read the data as it is encrypted.

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  • Application Security

This security mechanism makes sure that the software isn’t used by anyone who isn’t a member. It can do this by watching over the IP and MAC addresses. It helps in protecting the whole software.


Security is a very crucial aspect of any banking software. The same goes for credit society software as well. This software is equipped with all the security measures.

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