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Posted by Mark Sheldon on November 24th, 2018

“First we eat, then we do everything else”- M.F.K Fisher

Food is the ultimate motivation! You agree or not! If there is no delicious food then probably all human beings will give up on life. It has been noticed that when people are in a hectic working schedule and getting puzzled then only good lunch or dinner can help them to refresh their mood, here food just acts like a great motivator. In this world, there are a lot of different foods from different genres and Indian foods hold a great place there. Not only the Indians rather a lot of people from outside of India also like traditional Indian foods. If you are in the Czech Republic and in search of authentic Indian foods, then this article can help you out the best.

Being an Indian you can relate that Indian foods hold how much space in your heart. Often a lot of Indians especially who are out of India, complain that they are not getting the same taste and authenticity in their nearby Indian restaurant in Prague. And this complain is quite true! But now you don’t have to compromise with the same experience in Prague as now Mala India is here with exciting Indian food combos.

It is a pocket-friendly restaurant with amazing food combos and awesome restaurant service. From Google local listing you can check how popular it has become. The place is nicely decorated where you can enjoy food in perfect harmony and in another hand, all the dishes are prepared by expert cooks. It has started its journey in 2016 but within a short span of time it has gained this much popularity and the main reason behind this popularity is amazing food!

Its main aim is to satisfy all the customers. And customer satisfaction is not that much easy! In order to satisfy all the customers at the best level, you need to maintain a high level of food taste. Food only tastes the best when it is of fresh vegetables, meat/chicken and right spices. Spices hold a great value when it comes to Indian foods, if you do not apply the spices at the right time at the right quantity then you may end up by ruining the dish! Only an expert cook can take care of this part properly and in Mala India, there are expert professionals who have prior experience.

If you cannot visit this place, don’t worry, you can order food online and food will be at your place within a short span of time. And if you are within one kilometer then you will enjoy a completely free food delivery. Isn’t it amazing? So, if you are in search of authentic Indian foods at the cheapest price then just do little hurry and order food online here. According to a lot of people, it is the best Indian restaurant in Prague and you just one step away to experience a great restaurant service. 

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