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Posted by Le Bustiere Boutique on November 26th, 2018

So, you are a man who wants to surprise the woman in his life, but you don't know how? Do you want to make a statement that will show her you care and understand her well enough? Look for an idea that will make her appreciate your efforts. Go out and shop lingerie for her.

See, every guy wants to their women in some fine and even luxury lingerie. However, they don’t know the best way to it. Now, the best and most appreciated way is to get it done yourself and as a surprise. Always remember never to make a mistake here, unless you want to answer unending questions.

So, how do you go about it as a man?

1. Find out Her Size
The is the ultimate step to getting everything right. A mistake done here renders everything useless. The mistake will also generate more questions than you have ever heard of.
To make it count, it is upon you to find out her size, if you don’t know it already. You can make your way into her closet, when she is not around, and get through a few of her lingerie items. Take a peek at what sizes are her bras and panties before you head out to shop lingerie for her.

2. Understand Her Preferences
So, you want her to know that you understand her body well? Right, make it count. Understand what she prefers and make a note of it to avoid buying what you think would work best for her.
While you are in her closet, take note of the pieces she likes wearing. While there is absolutely nothing with buying something you would love to see her in, it would be hotter if she wore it because she loved it.

3. Ask for Professional Help
Now that you have her size and preferences at hand walk into your boutique of preference. If it works best for you, you can carry some of her innerwear to show them to the store attendants, if need be.

The key words here are seeking professional help. The attendants are there to help you, and you can be assured they will. Also, remember they have seen hundreds of cases of men like you, and it would not be a surprise for them.

Therefore, fear not to ask them to help you out. Show them the examples of pieces you brought and let them help you make a choice.

Lastly, what counts is what makes your woman happy. It will never be about what you like when it comes to women. If she does not like it, but you like it, forget about it.

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