Use And Types Of Post Clocks

Posted by Chomko LA on November 26th, 2018

To enhance the beauty of your streetscape, gift it a post clock. Post clock reminds of time passed far away. Ranging from conventional to modern and imaginative or restrained, you can hit upon a variety of post clocks. The enduring reliability and accuracy of these clocks is illustrative and makes it the signature element of any streetscape or community.

 Moreover, these post clocks are adapted in early time to fulfill advertisement purpose. These post clocks are mounted especially in areas like railway stations, jewelry stores, banks, bud stands, community halls, and other such locations. A wide assortment of colors, designs, sizes, and functionality attract the clock admires.

Post clock are of two types

  1. That runs using sunlight i.e. solar post clock, these clocks are not only economical to buy but also helps in reducing utility bills by depending upon sunlight to work.
  2. That consume electricity to function i.e. electric post clock, utilizes electricity to illuminate the dials during night hours.

These clocks are reliable to approach with assured longevity as they are painted well to resist corrosion and withstand extreme weather conditions. Post clocks are manufactured using the premium quality raw material to enhance its life and are available at reasonable prices. Post clocks are available in one two or four side faces. The clocks are decked with the elegance of Victorian age and equip modern technological features.

These clocks are given with features like Auto Reset or are synchronized with town hall clocks, backlit face for nighttime visibility, GPS to ensure accuracy in time. This clock can be mounted in Building lawns, patio area, corner or center of streets, Railway stations, Churches, Hotels, Malls etc.

Pillars- The designer pillars holding the clocks are prepared through a metal-die casting in sand casting or either through stone carvings. These pillars can be given with customized designed on special orders. These pillars can be 8 to 12 feet high as per the requirement and range. Other then these pillars can be of four legs to enhance the beauty of the post clock.

Dials- Dials can be marked with Roman or Arabic numerical as per the choice, these dials can be given with distinctive designs in its outlook. The frame of the dials can be round, rectangular, circular with modern inscriptions or antique designing.

So what are you waiting for, adorn your streetscape with designer post clocks and amaze the onlookers and visitors.

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