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The technological changes drive the changes occurring in the business organizations. The recent changes that have occurred include the increased social platforms that have embraced business intelligence, the emergence of special business analyzing systems, and the threat intelligence technology implemented through cloud computing technology and analytic tools.

The Social Media Intelligence

The social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Whatsup have formed the current business opportunity environments especially in the tourism industry (Nadda, et al…, 2015). The social platforms have been applied as special areas for implementing advertisements and influencing potential and current customers to participate in business transactions. The Social Business Intelligence (SBI) software is a dedicated platform applied in collecting data and information from the social media analyzes the data and reduces the mechanism on how to engage the users in business. The SBI identify potential and existing clients and suggests to them about trends in markets like advertising a new product, most commonly purchased products and the best product that suit a customer.

The Special Business Analyzing Systems

The systems help the business managers to make informed decisions on various occasions.  The emergence of Smart Analytic software has enabled the business entities to study and understand the trends of business operations in future. The system has the capability of informing the managers on the demand and supply trends, the products likely to have more sales, and the target group to concentrate on within the market (Hunt, & Zeadally, 2012). Smart Analytic Software uses the data mining tools and to collect the patterns and behavior of customers in the market.

The Threat Intelligence

The information technology threats like the malware programs, hacker attacks, and the intruder’s attacks can easily be evaded through the intelligence software that study, identify, signals and prevents the risks from striking the business entities (Romano, & Fjermestad, 2007). The threat analytic tools exist within the cloud to help the business organizations in identifying the areas where the business systems are vulnerable. The threat analytic tool makes security systems more sensitive to attacks and threats giving the security alerts and signals for the organization to prepare for an attack.


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