Ways to Prepare Yourself for English Tests

Posted by daveoscar on November 27th, 2018

Sometimes cracking English tests can be difficult even for the fluent speakers. The format and structure of different exams like Cambridge English, TOEFL, and IELTS are different and these exams are designed precisely to evaluate how prepared you are for an English speaking environment.

Compared to the expectations, these exams can be very difficult. Continuous efforts and preparation are required in order to attain high scores. Seeking external help is something that is highly recommended. You can avail for Online homework help to take the assistance of expert tutors. Else, you can get Some Amazing Apps for College-Going Students. Though, in addition to expert guidance, practice, and self- the study is extremely required.

Get used to the structure of different tests

As mentioned above, the formats of different tests are different.

For example, IELTS is a paper and pen test whereas TOEFL and PTE Academic are tests that are taken on the computer.

The objective of all the exams related to English proficiency is to evaluate your reading, writing, speaking, listening skills, and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. There is no similarity between an ordinary school test and a proficiency test.

According to the British Council that is known for administering the IELTS, “Some native English speakers are surprised to find out that they score lower grades than non-native English speakers who have only been studying English for a few years.”

Even if you are fluent in the language, it is important for you to feel comfortable with the structure and format of the exam. Joining some preparation courses will assist in getting yourself acquainted with the essential details of the exams.

Make use of test preparation materials

Though you will be given homework and practice questions by the tutors when you join test prep groups, it is important to add some supplementary materials to your study routine. It will help you in improving your skills in the long run. In order to prevent learning anything wrong, make sure that you only rely on trusted sources where a high level of English is used. Make a habit of reading books and newspapers in English. Also, watch the news and online pieces of journalistic videos where different topics are covered. Else, you can use Some Amazing Apps for College-Going Students Though you can initiate with the topics that you are interested in but start researching different topics so that you feel comfortable even in unfamiliar waters.

Focus on areas where improvisation is required

While preparing for any kind of test, though, continuous practice and repetition are required it is also important to think strategically while preparing for the tests.

For instance, if you are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL, then you have to think strategically that are all the sections equally easy?

There are chances that you feel perfectly alright when it comes to writing, reading, and listening tasks but you suddenly you start feeling nervous when you have to speak something on a given topic in English.

There are some people, who easily get confused when they are tested on English grammar rules through multiple choice questions.

Everyone has a weak point in either way. Hence, it is better to identify your weak spot as early as possible.

While performing at the test, there should be a proper balance between different sections. The reason being, you need to make use of grammar and vocabulary in equal measure. Also, you have to apply excellent reading, speaking, and listening skills.

If you are studying under a tutor, he or she needs to evaluate your performance individually in order to pinpoint the area which requires improvisation. When you start concentrating on your problematic areas whether it is related to vocabulary or grammar, you will notice an extensive improvement.

Focus on improving your time management skills

It is common that the people giving proficiency exams have limited time to finish all the sections. There are many people, who do not possess any experience in giving these type of tests. They find this kind of tests very overwhelming and sometimes get very anxious when they have to read and write in a foreign language while keeping their focus.

For example, it takes about two hours and 45 minutes to complete an IELTS test whereas it takes about four and a half hours to finish internet-based TOEFL.

Some of the people get anxious merely from the realization that the time has come for actually giving the exam and there is no time left for practice.

You will feel comfortable with the time limit if you start preparing as early as possible and practicing the tests. In case, you are a strong English speaker, rushing through the test may seem tempting to you and you can hand over the test much earlier than actually required.

It is suggested to go back through all the sections to find out any errors and mistakes so that you can do the required editing. This way, you will be able to implement an acute perspective of your work and the little mistakes can be spotted easily.

When it comes to your score, create realistic expectations

This tip can prove to be helpful in your way. Most likely, you may have found out that initiating a graduate study abroad goes simultaneously with scoring good marks in TOEFL, IELTS, or any other English proficiency test.

If you are having some difficulties with the language, then taking out sufficient time to prepare yourself for the same is very important. It will not only help you in enhancing your language skills but you will also boost up your confidence.

The idea of developing realistic expectations and adjusting the choice of programs according to your final score of the test is good. The only thing that you need to do is to keep up the hard work but don’t forget that there are some students who may perform better than you in the test and there are chances that your test score may not be satisfactory for a specific school or college abroad. Just be consistent and start step by step. The goal is within your reach. Also, to increase your score, you can avail for English Homework Help.

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