What is Breast Thermography and Why It Is Use for Breast Cancer Test -Thermograp

Posted by SOLISETHI on November 27th, 2018

Breast Cancer is one of the major causes of cancer deaths in women today.According to World Health Organization,in total 12 women 1 is suffering from breast cancer.In our previous post we find that early detection of cancer is leads to more survival rates.And Thermography is the only method of detecting early stage of breast cancer.Thermography can see the blood supply that feeds a tumor in its microscopic infancy, and the only way to possibly detect it in that stage is to establish a thermographic baseline and monitor every year for the real early signs.It has effectiveness to detect cancer earlier than any other modality. It is the mainstream cancer screening method.

Thermography is the method of cancer screening that is widely known to detect early stage cancer. Recent developments on high‐resolution thermal cameras and computer algorithms for thermal analysis are making the interpretation process more factual. With increased computation power, automated diagnostics is also able to decrease the false‐positive rates. Hence,thermal imaging along with computer‐aided diagnostics is showing a promise of upgrading breast thermography to main stream usage.

Infrared Thermography is the recording of temperature distribution of a body using the infrared radiation emitted by the surface of that body at wavelengths between 7 and 14 μm. With this information, it is possible to create a visual map or thermogram of the distribution of temperatures on the surface of the object imaged. The sensitivity of modern infrared cameras is such that temperature differences to 0.025°C can be detected.

Thermography can be used for breast cancer screening based on the fact that the temperature of the tumor is about 2°C higher than the neighboring tissues and blood vessel activity surrounding a developing cancer is almost always higher than in normal breast tissue. Since breast tissue is part of the skin, vascular alterations due to cancer result in temperature changes on the surface of the breast which can be captured with Infrared Thermography. Thermal abnormalities identified with thermal imaging are among the earliest signs of a precancerous or cancerous lesion of the breast.

Thermal Imaging is a noncontact, noninvasive and extremely privacy aware. Since thermal cameras are small, they are very portable and can be used for screening in rural camps.

Thermography overcomes the above issues and enables more people to go for screening. It can work on women of all age groups. It is a non-contact, non-invasive modality with passive infrared measurement, which does not involve any radiation, hence a safe screening method. Since the thermal images can essentially be captured from a laptop connected to the thermal camera, it is also extremely privacy aware.

The size of tumor indicates the stage of cancer and largely affects the survival rate.Early detection of cancer increases the chances of survival. Thermography outperforms other modalities when it comes to early detection. Changes such as vasodilation, neo‐angiogenesis and high tortuosity of blood vessels which are found in initial stages of cancer result in thermal impressions and hence can be detected in thermography.These might not be observed in other Test which depend upon detecting architectural distortions that appear only when tumor is sufficiently grown. A Thermography Test can detect breast cancer five years earlier in around 400 patients than mammography and ultrasonography.

Therefore, Thermography is highly suited for breast cancer screening owing to its ability to detect cancer much earlier than any other modality, patient safety and privacy.At Getintegrativehealth Thermography is administered by trained technicians, Dr. Kristine Blanche. For more information on thermography or to make an appointment, please contact us @ 516-676-0200 or Book on www.thermographysolutionsny.com