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Posted by Nabin Shaw on November 27th, 2018

Giving flowers as a gift is a classic. It truly is a type of gift that will never be out of fashion. Flowers make people happy, and it can let you show your loved ones that you think fondly of them every day. Flower bouquets can also be used to congratulate loved ones on special occasions. When someone you appreciate has, for example, graduated from higher education, got that highly sought after job position or is celebrating one more year on this planet, flowers can be opportune and thoughtful of you.

Flowers can also show you care during hard times, such as hospitalization, mourning, and other hardships. Your acquaintances, coworkers, friends, family members, and other loved ones will always remember how you showed them your affection when they were down.

So, what are some of the best flowers bouquets for each type of occasion? In this article, we will give you some good advice on the subject.

1. Special flowers to praise special people

Some floral arrangements can be highly customizable. Any color or a combination of them can be used in any occasion imaginable. Just try to imagine how to use the colors adequately. Your florist of choice can figure out how to arrange the colors you chose. Visit  m florist to buy the best bouquets in Hong Kong

To give you an idea of what can be done: if that person you want to praise is graduating from a university's faculty, you should choose that Alma Mater's colors (and/or the ones from the faculty school) to make a reference to it. It is easy to arrange, and that person is going to know you care for sure.

2. Red roses to show your love

On occasions when you want to show your loved ones how much you care for them, red roses are the perfect way of doing it. They can make a very elegant arrangement and one that is very passionate too!  Red roses pop out on a bouquet, and they can last very long and have beautiful shapes, even when they are no longer freshly cut.

One thing about red roses though is then on special holidays, such as Valentine's Day or Secretary's Day, they are highly demanded and their price will surely rise. If you still need a red floral arrangement and can't afford red roses around these days, you can also choose a bouquet of the flower gerbera daisy, the lily or the chosen the red tulip to make your bouquet.

3. A floral gift from a guest

It is easy to be a guest on someone's place, but it is often not as easy to be a hostess. When you are enjoying someone's hospitality, show some appreciation for it by bringing flowers, make sure to bring them in a container or pot, so your hostess doesn't have to do it. Many types of flowers are suitable for this.

4. Flowers to celebrate when that special one was born

People often give flowers as a birthday gift. This is also prevalent among family members that live far away from each other. Flowers are easy to send via delivery and, due to the customizable nature, they can feel very personal to the birthday person. Using that person's favorite colors is something very common. For example, if that special one likes orange, you can give them Begonias, Marigolds or Heliconias.
5. Flowers for who is recovering at the hospital

Flowers are always nice to see and smell, and any patient heals faster when they feel other people care.

6. Flowers to show you care during hard times

It is a tradition in most cultures to bring flowers as a sign of appreciation and respect for the deceased.

7. Be creative and chose your own arrangement!

No matter the occasion, if you are creative as a gift giver, anything can happen. You can combine lilies with roses, and your recipient can be more than happy!

Having a bouquet of flowers at home is a daily reminder of that person's affection, and it will last for a considerable time, more than people usually think; with great care, a non-damaged bouquet will last more than a few days.

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