Snapchat or Instagram ? Which one is the winner?

Posted by FluperAppDevelopment on November 27th, 2018

Snapchat and Instagram are the best platforms to market your brand but if you are a company then you can’t spend your resources on both. So it becomes difficult to choose which one is best? Both platform overlap in functions, features and advertising components so it is extremely difficult to distinguish the unique elements that make one a better fit for your business. In the present era, mobile app development companies use various chat apps and these are evolved beyond simple text communication tools to file sharing, artificial intelligence and many more. If you are unsure about which messaging app is best then you need to choose major categories that will definitely help you to decide which one is the best fit to market your business.

Consider these points and then decide which app is best for your business –


Winner: Snapchat

There is no doubt in saying that Instagram has created identical filters on Instagram stories but you will be surprised to know that Snapchat filters are really unbeatable. When it comes to filtering animations, Snapchat is really unique: if you use the dog filter on Snapchat then you will not only look like a dog but you can also move like a dog. Besides this, if you stick your tongue then definitely it will wag like a dog’s tongue. If we talk about Snapchat then it also provides more filter choices. Not only that, but this application also provides augmented reality effects and that is far better than another one. You can put dancing hot dogs in your pictures as well as videos.


Winner: Instagram

When we talk about numbers, then it is unbelievable fact the Instagram audience is three times larger than Snapchat. In a study, it is revealed 45% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18-24 and almost half of Snapchat users are not even on Instagram. If you want to target the young demographic, Snapchat has an ideal audience for your business. On the other hand, if you have not properly established your brand and want to reach your Android app development services to largest number of people then no doubt in saying that Instagram will prove the best option for you.


Winner: Instagram

In terms of design, there are various big factors that distinguish Snapchat stories from Instagram stories. Despite all these facts, there exists a big thing i.e., when you view one person Instagram story, you seamlessly transition into another’s personal story. Various Instagram followers can see your story because they were already in the feature and hence making it more ideal for a business perspective. On the other hand, if Snapchat viewers want to view the next person’s story then they have the option to click past your story and that is not ideal for your business.


Winner: Instagram

Needless to mention, Instagram advertising is growing as ads are proven a worthwhile investment. In a report, it is predicted that 30% of users purchased products they first saw on Instagram. This platform is often used to portray people’s ideal versions of their lives without any hassle. This social media platform wins the race as it offers much cheaper forms of advertising than Snapchat. In the market, there are various analytics tools through which you can measure your brand’s success. On the other hand, marketers are disappointed with Snapchat yet it is improving, it allows producers to sell sponsorships as well as ad slots within their program.

Sponsorship Campaign Reach

Winner: Snapchat

According to the above facts, it is predicted by app developers that Snapchat is more expensive than Instagram but it mainly depends on your budget and market. If we talk about Snapchat ads then they receive 1.5 times more visual attention as the comparison to Instagram. For example, creating a sponsored lens on Snapchat costs approx 0000 for one day and hence it leads to a big payoff.


Winner: Instagram

According to experts, Instagram is a better tool for discoverability as it offers your business a public profile option so followers can check your content as well as images. On the other hand, if you have created the Snapchat profile for your business then those people can view your profiles that are added by you. Besides this, a lot of information is also not available on Snapchat profile and stories you create get disappeared within 24 hrs.

Final Things     

There is no doubt in saying that both Snapchat and Instagram offer unique benefits. If you want to create an authentic and goofier side to your brand then Snapchat is best for you. On the other hand, if you want to create a professional and sleek brand image then Instagram is best for you. If you need such application for your business then contact Fluper that is well-known for delivering unmatched mobile app development services.

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