Let?s Learn, Why Is It To Carry Out Asbestos Characterization Test?

Posted by davidsed on November 27th, 2018

Asbestosis a combination of six naturally occurring silicate mineral fibers which have common identical eponymous asbestiform habit being originated from metamorphic rocks. Thesefibers belong to two mineral groups — serpentines and amphiboles.Asbestoshas its existence since 4000 years ago, but it wasn’t in use till 19th century. However, its physical properties such as sound absorption, resistance to heat, fire and electricity, tensile strength, etc. increases its application and usage.

After inhaling, asbestos must be exhaled out. Otherwise, it would get stuck in the lungs (basically alveoli) and would cause respiratory as well as circulatory problems. Now, there rise a high time to characterize the harmful component and implement successful measures to tackle the issue.

There are various morphological examination along with specific analytical methods to obtain the characterization (composition or structure). These methods include Airtest, IRSST Method 244-3(MLP), IRSST Method 243-1 (MOCP), ELAP Method 198.4, and many more.However, the most widely applicable method or procedure of characterization in the industry forchrysotile fiber length is the — Quebec Standard Test. All these processes offer certified expertise in asbestos fiber research in materials which contain asbestos or any material susceptible to asbestos, etc. These tests give effective consequences to conformity zone, daily tests and final tests.

Why is it advisable to carry out asbestos characterization test?

As we all know that peopleinvolved in asbestos mining from natural asbestos mines, construction industry, mechanics, processing asbestos, construction industry, marinas, manufacturing of asbestos containing products, cement working, masons, plumbers, manufacturing of insulated products and heating commodities, etc are more prone to get affected by the fatal component, i. e., asbestos. Asbestos is a hazardous component as its inhalation causes fatal diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, asbestosis, etc. Also, it can cause enlargement of heart, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, folded lungs, rounded atelectasis, increase the incidence of laryngitis, lowers immunity. Thus, if asbestos can be characterized, it will be easier for them to take respective steps to deal with the pathogenic condition. These preventive measures include :

  • Use of mask at workplace
  • Following the right plan sheet of work and the essential guidance sheet.
  • Vacuum cleaning, instead of sweeping up of dust and debris.
  • Avoiding use of power toolsor any other machine that create great amount of dust.
  • Avoiding smoking, eating and drinking in the workplace.
  • Avoiding usage of disposed clothes and masks again.
  • Disposal of waste in a proper and eco-friendly manner.
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