Facial Hair Transplant transfer body hair to the balding head areas

Posted by fuehlc on November 28th, 2018

In the parts would you have believed that there would come a time that there would be a procedure that would “cure” baldness. Where you can transfer body hair from areas with healthy and fully growing hair to the head. All this is possible with the rise of advanced hair transplant procedures and technology. Those days when the reversing baldness was merely just a dream are long gone, today, you can repair such situations a get back to your normal youthful self in no time.

 In addition to that, there are was a condition known as poor candidate where the back of the head lacked the hair that could be used to restore the other bald parts of the head. This lead to the rise of a new technology, FUE – Follicular Unite Extractions which enabled hair loss physicians to get extract facial hair and implant them onto the scalp.

How did Facial Hair transplant rise.

FUE technology was the breakthrough for such medical procedure. This is where hair implants are removed from the donor part of the body one follicular unite at a given time. This procedure may be very time consuming as sometimes the will be need to extract a few thousands of follicular units. It might be the most tedious facial hair transplant procedure but it is the most preferred among physicians and patients due to its effectiveness when long term results are taken into account. FUE is not restrictive hence hair can be extracted from any part of the head as long it has plenty and healthily growing hair.

The usage of Facial hair transplant globally.

Most clinics have made breakthroughs in the use of only beard hair to reverse baldness. And are witnessing tremendous results and success in the process. Yes the use of body hair to do head hair transplant is popular as it has been around for years but the rise of the facial hair transplant is a game change in the field.

Finding the best option

FUE is one of the greatest techniques available but it come at a great prices. The procedure requires a more experienced doctor and may take longer that other hair transplant techniques. On top of that, not all the clinics and hair transplant surgeons out there can fully conduct the procedure as it is still a new technology. So, before you opt for the procedure ensure that the surgeon or clinic that is going to undertake the procedure is qualified and has a lot of experience with it.

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