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Programming Language C and C++

Posted by Stechies on November 28th, 2018

The programming language C was initially introduced in the early 1970s. This was a system implementation language meant for the nascent UNIX operating system. C was derived from the typeless language BCPL, and it evolved a type of structure; which was created on a tiny machine as a tool for improving a small programming environment. Today C has become one of the most dominant languages.

There are certain advantages which Programmers derive advantages from Language C. C enables the programmers are able to read and write code for a large number of platforms. Right from the micro-controllers to the most advanced scientific systems can be easily written in C, besides the other modern operating systems.  It makes it very easy for the Also its very easy for the programmers to learn object-oriented C++ language after learning Language C.

Programming Language C++

C++ is known as an extension of C, and it is not possible to learn C++ without learning C first. This was named "C with Classes" as it provides classes but later changed to C++ in the year 1983. C ++ is an object-oriented language and also referred to as the most preferred one as the object-oriented programs are quite easy to be understood, modified and corrected too.

The best features of C++ are:

C++ is a hybrid language- and one can program in either, a C-like style, which is an object-oriented style, or both.

C++ programs comprise of pieces known as classes and functions. Users can program each piece they need to form a C++ program. The benefit of creating your own functions and classes is that you very well know they function. You will be able to easily examine the C++ code.

C++ offers a collection of predefined classes, coupled with the capability of user-defined classes. The classes of C++ are data types, and these can instantiate multiple numbers of times. Class definitions specify data objects (known as data members) and functions (addressed member function). Classes can name one or more parent classes, thus offering inheritance and multiple inheritances. Classes inherit the data members as well as the member functions of the parent class which have been specified to be inheritable. Therefore, it is generally used in graphics, Software Engineering.

C++ is a high-level programming language which has some specific aims. For example, it makes programming more fun for serious programmers. This is also known as a general-purpose programming language which :

  • supports data abstraction
  • is a better C
  • provides supports generic programming
  • offers support to  object-oriented programming
  • supports generic programming

Types of Inheritance in C++

C++ supports six types of inheritance as follows:

  • Single Inheritance in C++
  • Multilevel Inheritance in C++
  • Multiple Inheritance in C++
  • Hierarchical Inheritance  in C++
  • Hybrid Inheritance in C++
  • Multipath Inheritance in C++

C++ is presently being used by many programmers in almost every application domain. There are some specific traits because of which it’s become the most preferred language. Some of these have been listed below:

  • It’s very clean to be used for teaching the basic concepts,
  • It is very efficient, realistic and very flexible enough for the most demanding projects,
  • It is easily available for organizations and collaborations which heavily depend on diverse development as well as execution environments.
  • The language is quite comprehensive, sufficient be considered best for teaching the advanced concepts and techniques, and
  • It is commercial enough for putting what has been learnt into non-academic usage.

Thus, as programing language, C++ is stable, well-specified and has been supported by standard libraries.

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