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Best smart home automation gadgets

Posted by Seenu Paul on November 28th, 2018

With the internet of things and the home automation technology it becomes easy to automate and monitor the home systems. It even allows the more efficient use of electricity. The system easily detects your presence and in your absence automatically turns off the lights and other electrical appliance. One can easily control the appliances irrespective of the location. It can change the lights as per the mood, make coffee and even switch on the TV channel of your choice. The automation system is intelligent enough to light up the path when awake and even consists of a smart lock system for the security.

With the availability of smartphones, one can download applications and automate the devices they want. Some popular gadgets include:

  •        Nest thermostat: this gadget enables the user to monitor the temperature of the house with the help of the Wi-Fi. By learning the behaviour of the owner, it can even set the temperature on its own. It also has the capability to remind about the amount of energy used and the filters that need to be changed.
  •        WeMo Switches: this is accompanied by a switch and motion detectors. One simply needs to connect the switch, and with the help of Belkin, app one can control the connected devices. The function including the turning the lights on and off.
  •        Philips Hue light: it comes with three bulbs and a bridge. Once fixed and with the application on your smartphones, you can perform functions like changing the brightness and color of the bulb.
  •        Amazon Echo: one of the most famous smart home automation gadgets. It is basically a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in voices assistant who is called Alexa. The gadget answers the questions much like Siri and Cortana. It even performs various other tasks on the demand of the user.

With the amount of interest that consumers are showing in the automation technology, the more intense competition is being faced by the tech companies with the growing competition and the race to outdo other means that there would be rapid development in the technology and the consumers would receive bigger and better home automation technology. Home automation has opened the gates to a world of high- tech functionality that was not possible in the past. With the advancement in technology, one would be able to see more transformation in home automation. This would make the lives of people will become easier, convenient and even more enjoyable.


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