Getting Rid Of Depression The Ayurvedic Way

Posted by Aaron Smith on November 28th, 2018

Hundreds of persons end their lives by hanging, taking poison or jumping before the running trains etc. Financial problems, broken love affairs, job related issues or family disturbances often compel these guys to commit suicide. It is the deep depression, the serious ailment that appears in the shape of constipation, back pain and headaches etc and makes the depressed guys to lead lone lives. The sufferers are reluctant to talk to anyone and prefer darkness and usually take over-the-counter or traditional medicines. Few of such treatments often lead to more depression than giving any good results. That’s the reason that most of the patients now prefer taking ayurvedic remedies and Baba Ramdev medicine for depression.

Why most depressed guys take herbal remedies - It is the total purity of ayurvedic remedies that work wonders in treating the depressed persons. Prepared by mixing organic ingredients, these medicines are totally pure and are free from any toxins, harmful chemicals or foreign elements. Herbal formulations undergo good manufacturing practices and strict safety checks. These are prepared by following the ayurvedic principles. Patients are at zero risk while few traditional remedies may lead to complications. No side effects are reported with regular and even excessive use of these treatments.

Depression, No big problem! Just try the following and experience great relief from this ailment without being affected with any complication:

  • Fibre-rich foods: Include green leafy vegetables, fruits and other nutrients in your daily foods. Avoid taking stale, spicy or oily eatables. Take fruit juices and milk on daily basis. It helps in energizing them. Rosemary leaves that work wonders should also be taken on regular basis. Prepared with the green cardamoms, green tea also helps greatly to come out of depressed conditions. Basil leaves are good. White rice along with tulip and lily bulb gives much relief. Rice, soy and oatmeal are much useful. 
  • Use of apple cider vinegar, nuts, pumpkin and bananas is much advantageous. Ginger, cumin, cinnamon and gotu kola also give good results. Aloe, Mint, Coconut and Sandalwood are quite effective. 
  • Use of black pepper is quite helpful. Patients should try Panchakarma that is also the best treatment. Relaxation techniques are also much helpful. Yoga asana and exercising give good relief.  Exposure to hot sun rays should be minimized. Bathing with cold water is much helpful. Mixture of rose petals and sugar after boiling the same may be taken on regular basis. Pour some honey on the apple by cutting it into small pieces and take the same every day for saying NO to depression. Warm avocado leaves are also good. Use of Brahmi and Shankhpushpi also gives wonderful results. Abhyanga oil should be massaged for getting enough relief.
  • Depressed guys should practise deep breathing and shirodhara that work wonders. They should refrain from working for prolonged hours.  

Why suffer from depression and not adopt the above easily available and genuinely priced remedies. Be positive and shun negative thinking that depresses you.

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